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16 July 2008
Why do so many people have to drink unclean water?

Certain things irritate and this video just happens to be one. It's aim is to make you, the denizens of the first world, feel guilty because over one billion people on this planet only have access to impure water. Thus you will presumably shell out some donations to keep members of the well-fed third world aid and development industry in lucrative employment.

I didn't know the exact number of people who receive more than just water through their pipes until I saw this video, but I do know that I happen to be one of them. We have a filter that sort of cleans the water that is piped into the house from the city supply, and if the cartridge isn't changed regularly, then after about six months or so of daily use it gets so clogged with gunk that it jams up.

The funny thing is that when the water leaves the plant it is sparkling and clean, so what happens to turn it into a brown sludge? Basically, people tap into the water pipes to nick a free supply. They don't seal the pipes properly after they have made their connection, or don't seal them at all, and dirt gets in. It is that rather than worn-out pipes that causes most of the problems in Mexico City.

Not that you would realise any of that if all you had to go on was a video like this. That same video says that we can't live with this situation. Well, we can and we do. And we shall continue to live with it until the third world ceases to be so damned third rate at just about everything that it does.

Good post, like your later one on the same subject.

Good on you particularly for the last sentence. Too many of us lefties don't dare to say anything of the sort, as it is more or less Holy Writ that all the problems of the third world are due solely to capitalist and imperialist oppression. Like, why can't the fuckers drive??? That ain't due to poverty; the poor don't have cars.

For anarcho-imperialist warmongers like me, though, there's one consolation; once we stop giving a shit for the UN, the Russians and Chinese, who can't even make fucking lifts work, will be rolled over in minutes if it comes to a ruck. It didn't in Kosovo, did it?

19 July 2008 at 19:52  

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