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08 July 2008
Times starts anti-social worker campaign
Camilla Cavendish of the Times is running a series of articles all this week on the family courts and the social work filth that gains so much from them. Aside from the articles you are also being asked to write in anonymously if you have had experience of the social work filth interfering in your life. The aim is to see if there are geographical clusters where the filth have been at their most insolent. There is also an on-line form that you can use to register a protest with your MP, and a series of links are being created to campaigning groups.

Why has The Times started this campaign against the family courts? Well, your cynical Exile reckons that since most Times' readers work in the private sector it may have something to do with the sheer cost to those taxpayers of providing employment for the bovine lower middle class.

That's fine, and let's have one war at a time. We need to put aside our distaste for the Murdoch press - and the scabs who keep it going - as there are bigger fish to fry. It is our class that most comes under attack from these creatures, so let's all be nice to Camilla and help her do over the social work filth, shall we?



Camilla Cavendish has never failed Britain.

She's remain true to liberty and to Justice.

Thank goodness for The Times...

8 July 2008 at 10:20  

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