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17 July 2008
Nu-Labour's old Tory policies
"The new middle-class Labour activist is quite happy to use the urban poor as voting fodder, paying lip-service to the mantra about alleviating economic inequalities." Rather a nice one-liner, I think, out of a piece by James MacMillan in the Daily Telegraph. The article takes this blog's line that Nu-Labour will lose the Glasgow East by-election because it has alienated is socially conservative, economically radical base.

However, another factor has now emerged which may turn what was still a close race between Nu-Labour and the Scottish Nationalist Party into a romp away for the SNP. That issue is welfare reform.

Nu-Labour is trying to introduce a work for dole scheme, and that more than anything else is liable to tip the balance away from Nu-Labour. About half the population of Glasgow East are on some form of benefit or another, and that is not their fault.

Working class people are quite willing to risk their lives down mines, be bored out of their skulls standing behind lathes, or be equally bored on a production line. However, what they expect in return is a decent wage. Being told to get sweeping for their benefits is not the same thing, is it?

What is needed is a working class political party that will cut away at the parasitic non-jobs that the middle class now enjoy and begin a policy of creating the tens of thousands of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs that our people want to do.



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