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14 July 2008
Nu-Labour seems to really hate the British working class
This story is now over a year old, but it is worth digging up as an example of why Nu-Labour will lose the next election and why they deserve to lose it.

Corby is a former steel town that was murdered by the Tories in the 1980s. Bastard jobs are now few and far between, but the town did manage to attract 80 government clerical jobs via the Home Office.

Last year those jobs vanished because Corby is not "diverse" enough for ministers' tastes. Translated into simple terms, it's an English town and Nu-Labour wants to give jobs to anyone but the English.

The rumour that Nu-Labour basically hates the working class is ceasing to be just a tale that people repeat in pubs. It seems to be based on some pretty hard evidence.

This being so, why should we vote for a party that not only does not reflect our class interests, but which treats us with such utter and total contempt?



I agree with the sentiment exile, but Corby is more complicated than that--it was for years basically a Scottish town. Huge numbers of Scottish people came down in the high days of the steelworks and settled, so the Corby accent is still semi-Scottish and there are highland games, rangers and catholic clubs, and so on. Corby also had a big irish population--which I came from-- and a really big, relatively speaking, Serbian population who used to run 'yugi-boogies down the Irish centre and elsewhere.

Since the place was effectively bombed by Thatcherism, it has been globalised and systematically undermined, as well as becoming a dumping ground for asylum seekers. Polish workers who have come in in large numbers--and I respect them for their hard work--have not assimilated like others once did.

Corby is also ringed by picturesque English villages, where most of the Tories lived, hence its status as a marginal seat. It was carved out of Kettering in the seventies, in electoral terms.

Corby has been systematically undermined and taken apart by both parties, though its entire traditional leadership was at one point thrown out of the Labour Party. It's had tonnes of druggies and beggars wandering around for about two decades, and the government recently closed down my old school, I suspect because it was a catholic comprehensive.

Very sad. I remember Corby as a steel town, just, though after it closed and a few years before he died, my mum and dad took to going round the midlands cleaning up dangerous pubs in Rugby and Kettering for Mitchell's and Butlers. When you've seen Thatcherism from the perspectives I saw it, you've seen it all.

Now, almost certainly, Corby's hopeless co-op party chancer MP Phil Hope is going to be replaced by a Tory novelist at the next election. Just insulting.

Thanks for remembering it.

14 July 2008 at 13:16  

Yeah, Barker... Trust me when I say that if I have anything to do with it, Barker will not be the new MP.

14 July 2008 at 14:02  

Yes - but surely you don't have all that much to do with it - and if the NuLab wanker loses his seat - who else will take his place but the doggy-styler?

15 July 2008 at 23:48  

I've been in touch with the local rag and some news media got in touch with me when the story broke courtesy of Guido.

Next year all the local parties up there will have the tale, if they don't already.

Woof! Woof!

16 July 2008 at 00:03  

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