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31 July 2008
Nu-Labour now wants to censor the video sharing sites
Following on from last night's posting about a British Parliamentary proposal to censor the blogs, it is now emerging that the same committee wants to censor the likes of YouTube as well. The excuse, of course, is to combat child pornography, but that is something that YouTube do very well on their own for the simple reason that it just happens to be illegal pretty much all over the world.

It is obvious from reading the report that this bunch of clowns may have no real idea about how the World Wide Web actually works. For instance they have called for YouTube to install a button so that people can denounce non-existent child pornography to the police. OK, what can the British police do to an uploader in Russia who is using servers located in the USA? That's why it is called the World Wide Web - it's not the same as your local newspaper which is printed and distributed in one area.

On the other hand, the politicians must know this, I mean they can't be that fucking stupid, so what's going on? The best guess is that this is just so much alarmist twaddle and what they are really after is putting a stop to people who post videos that embarrass the state. People like Vanessa Brookes spring to mind, as Vanessa had the temerity to record the monotonous tones of a genuine lump of social work shit as it told her how her still unborn child was going to be kidnapped as soon as he emerged from her womb.

Vanessa foolishly put the recording on YouTube and it didn't take Calderdale Council's arselicking councillors all that long before they complained to the company and the recording was pulled from the site. Luckily for everyone the torture session already been uploaded to the file sharers, so just click on this link and hear it for yourself.

If YouTube can be prevented from taking material like the one Vanessa provided, then obviously the state's control is strengthened. The point is that YouTube may have censored Vanessa, but the recording is out there: so what the buggers want to do is prevent that happening in the first place, and thus to silence dissent.

Now that is a frightening thought. . .



This is a fight for state control.

The Internet has reinvented democracy and freedom in an unprecedented format.

The Bilderbergs are reported to be scared of "Ron Paul". Why? He's taught Americans to read and trust in their constitution.

Who are the Bilderbergs? I thought they were a conspiracy theory, not a radical elite, until I came across a Radio Four interview.

There will be a fight to the death over censorship and indeed control of the internet.

The People want to control it, the state wants to control it.

Again from the Internet, I quote you Goebbels, the master of mass communication, "He who controls the street, controls the state". And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your answer to what's going on...

31 July 2008 at 12:00  

It is frightening thought yes, but how realistic is it. Youtube has been seriously towing the line when challenged since google purchased it, but the prospect of having to approve every upload would render the site useless and google know this, so it is unlikely that will ever happen. Google are focused on their battle with Viacom AND how to make money from youtube.

Labour's line of attack is to control the ISP's and the data that is being transferred and the friendly spin is MUSIC copyright theft as a legal method of monitoring ALL data transferred.

It is all very concerning but as always we are powerless when so many people swallow the garbage they are fed by the main stream media.

Torrent has to be the answer and sooner or later torrent will be able to stream media? I cant see why not

1 August 2008 at 12:01  

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