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25 July 2008
Nu-Labour gets old shafting in Glasgow East
As you will know by now, Nu-Labour has been hammered by the Scottish National Party in the Glasgow East by-election. It is just so nice to see prediction after prediction from this blog coming true. Last night I had a bit of a wobble when I saw the opinion polls, but my earlier instincts were correct: Nu-Labour is now a corpse, just waiting for the undertaker to arrive in 2010 so that it can be given a decent burial.

The interesting thing about this by-election was that the Scottish Socialist Party and a breakaway from it called Solidarity scored between them almost 1,100 votes. Had those fools not split then the single party would almost certainly have overtaken the Liberal-Democrats, and possibly even the Tories as well. So much for the notion that people will not vote for socialist parties. . .

Another factor that Nu-Labour cannot spin away is the fact that unlike the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, turnout did not collapse in Glasgow East. True, it was down on the general election, but only by about six percent. Given that Glasgow is enjoying her annual holidays at the moment, the turnout at this election can only be described as high.

What happened was that the Glasgow working class decided that they had finally had enough of the Nu-Labour nightmare and they voted for the social-democratic SNP. Some went for the two minor socialist parties, and taken all together this amounts to a ripe, two-fingered gesture of contempt for the Blatcherite consensus that combines lifestyle politics with economic neo-liberalism.

It is too late for Nu-Labour, but the party that will be created to fill the void that it leaves will have to accept the fact that the working class are economically radical and socially conservative. The new party will have to work with that grain and not against it. If it does that then it could quickly begin to pick up support.

The party needs to campaign for a British withdrawal from the European Union. That will immediately put the Tories on the defensive and open up all their carefully hidden wounds over European integration. It would also demonstrate to working people that the party is as patriotic as they are - something that many on the left have always had a problem with. Two outcomes for a policy that most socialists just happen to agree is the right one, anyway, cannot be bad, now can it?

Secondly, the party needs to heal the rift that exists between the left and the Catholic Church. I write here as an Englishman who loathes the organisation, but as an Englishman I accept the need for tolerance and compromise. The writ of the Bishop of Rome will never run in England so long as we have the Act of Settlement, and an avowedly secular population, so what is the problem? Let the Catholics keep their adoption agencies and their schools - it is not as if they are asking for very much, now is it? In return the new party would get the support of millions of Catholic working men and women who just happen to believe in the same, economically collectivised future that we want to see for ourselves.

You can see the shape of this new party dimly on the horizon. Socially conservative and economically radical: just like the class that it will represent.



What I don't fully understand in your logic Mr Exile, is your belief that the Nu labour or old labour is anything more than an interventionist nanny state party.

You genuinely believe that the Social Services are scum, yet the SS are a tool of socialist thinking and all the pseudo psychiatry that they would have us believe makes a better society.

Labour is finished and will spend the next twenty years in opposition whatever they do. Your article seems to offer suggestions on how to avert this, WHY? let them rot in their failed ideology, the only way back to power is for them to re define themselves in opposition.

25 July 2008 at 11:12  

South Wales overturned a majority of 19,000 to oust Labour.

Glasgow overturned a majority of 13,500 to oust Labour.

Nothing more needs to be said. The UK will do whatever, even the impossible, in order to get New Labour OUT!!

Consider the laws that the UK has to repeal...

The day Jacqui Smith authorised all 60 million brits to have ALL phone calls taped by police. Stored forever. What is this, since when did being a civilian get reclassified as being a terrorist.

The day they gave 800 council authorities the right to undertake UNDERCOVER operations on parents.. the crime... the parents "MIGHT" have entered their child into a "BETTER" school.... so they were tailed, MI5 style, 24/7 for 3 weeks. WTF!!! is going on!!!

The councils pull our phone calls under Terrorist laws...
because you put your child in the best school possible.
Is that terrorism... since when??

That's it!!!
That's enough to turn anyone stomachs.

This government has to GO!
New Labour laws have to be repealed - in fact EVERYTHING that new labour has introduced is an unmitigated DISASTER!!!

Am i a bit peeved... ohhhhhh don't get me started!!!

25 July 2008 at 12:49  

That was a good post exile, I liked that. Many thanks

25 July 2008 at 22:02  


Labour prior to Blair was interventionist as far as the economy went, and quite rightly so, but it was not a socially interventionist party.

That intervention really began under the Tories in the early 1990s - the Family Act is theirs - so I suspect that what we are looking at are policies of the political class in general, rather than any one party in particular.

It is not social services per se that I loath. I just use them because they are the one section of the lower middle class that everyone else hates - so let's have those fuckers first, is my attitude. It really is just about chipping away at the state's legitimacy, and the SS are the bastard wing, if you will allow me that bon mot.

I don't see that I am helping Labour and I don't see the party being in opposition for 20 years: I think that Labour will implode after 2010. What I am trying to do is argue the case for the policies that a new working class party will need to put forward to get elected.

25 July 2008 at 23:08  

Ok, it is very late and I have had a long day and a hard life. I will let the economic intervention being a good thing go, and I totally agree that Mrs T kicked off the social engineering experiment, and Tony Blair's third way, was his re write of that philosophy/doctrine/theory.
But i don't see class. Working class is just a term/statement that polarizes people. The ridiculous toff argument I find totally offensive and the fact that half the shadow cabinet came from Eton I see as good thing, I have no idea what class I am, and I don't care, we seriously need to raise the level of the debate beyond class, surely?.

27 July 2008 at 01:24  

Well, it frightens those who are middle class and want to pretend that we are all like that now. I suppose that if I had something to preserve from the current set-up, I would trot out that line as well.

The fact that it is largely working class children who are being seized by the social work filth and then given to middle class people to raise only emphasises the reality of class power in the UK.

I don't think that the maggot was about social engineering, although Nu-Labour obviously is. I think her line was the old Tory one that beyond the state's authority lies anarchy. The Tory aim, I think, was to ensure that working class people knew that authority was all around them.

27 July 2008 at 05:51  

"Well, it frightens those who are middle class and want to pretend that we are all like that now. I suppose that if I had something to preserve from the current set-up, I would trot out that line as well.

LOL so I am from the frightened middle class......rubbish.
The fact that it is largely working class children who are being seized by the social work filth and then given to middle class people to raise only emphasises the reality of class power in the UK."

In part, Nu Labour has decided that dysfunctional families are from the lower economic groups exclusively, I even have footage of Blair advocating that children be separated at birth from such dysfunctional families. Which I have to say is total garbage, as financial affluence has very little to do with good parenting, the contrary in my experience.

If game theory and the free market isn't a social engineering experiment, i dont know what is. Maggie actually got it, whereas Tony thought he could add his own interpretation.....third way..... and just didn't and still doesn't get it and nor does the majority of the government in power today.

27 July 2008 at 10:11  

Of course the maggot got it - she was enough of a Tory to realise that if you have a free market system, then you need the state's boot boys to ensure that the working class are cowed and don't riot.

What Blair realised is that this costs money. It is far better, and cheaper in the long run, to get folk to police themselves - hence the social engineering bit.

Staying on the theme of the little Fettes fuckboy, the point you have raised rather negates your earlier one. If Blair did say that working class children should be seized by the state, then that is an implicit admission of the reality of the class war. It isn't rhetoric about class that does that - which was your earlier point - it is just the reality of the situation.

27 July 2008 at 17:00  

Ok, I was warned that you were clever, and I chose my words carefully and they were "lower economic groups" which isn't admitting to class, but to argue either way is just splitting hairs.

I cant read, so I get my information entirely from the net and i know that you are well read and you thoughts are not random. Have you seen Adam Curtis the trap?

That documents in the entire social engineering experiment that we are discussing here.

28 July 2008 at 01:29  

I haven't heard of Adam Curtis or his trap - I don't understand the reference. Please remember that I live abroad, so many things pass me by.

What I am trying to do with all this is not to start a pissing contest. I am looking to make contact with individuals and groups with whom I can work, such work based upon common points of contact. The aim is not to agree about everything, but to concentrate on the areas of agreement and ignore the reasons and motivations that make such agreements possible.

28 July 2008 at 04:22  

Yes a consensus for change/common agenda, I am just trying to understand you and what you are advocating, If that is a pissing contest then sorry. I am looking for exactly the same as you. I have sent you the video Blair's Spin on Eugenics through facebook. If you or anybody would like the Torrent for the Adam Curtis The Trap and the politics of fear, which is highly relevant to the issue of social services and current state of UK politics, I can link you and/or teach you how to use torrent, or I could just fuck off, I am only trying to help.

28 July 2008 at 05:08  

What's the agenda? It's fairly modest: I want to destroy capitalism. As part of that quite reasonable desire I think that the best way that an old bugger like me can go about it is to chip away, bit by bit, at the hegemony that our rulers enjoy vis a vis us. If they have to resort to brute force to keep us in line, then half the battle is won.

It's in that context that you should look at my social work articles, and this posting sets out what I see as the strategy on the streets. My job is just to use whatever talents I have as a scribbler to help keep the pot boiling.

Now I am not connected to any political party, so I am quite happy to work with anyone on the basis of shared issues. If I can cooperate with Serb nationalists then Fathers' for Justice should not present a problem.

The key is to find the issues that we agree on. What our individual motivation is - well, that's another matter and one best not explored too deeply.

Please paste the URL for the video that you mentioned. I might do an analysis of it.

28 July 2008 at 05:40  

Hang on a minute: are you talking about "The Power of Nightmares: the Rise of the Politics of Fear"?

I seem to remember that it is in three parts, but don't remember one of them being called "The Trap".

28 July 2008 at 05:48  

Yes, the Trap was the sequel to the politics of fear/power of nightmares. It is first class.

28 July 2008 at 06:33  

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