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16 July 2008
Maggot to get state funeral
It seems that Maggot Thatcher is to get a state funeral when it finally pops its clogs. The Guardian's readers are pretty clearly opposed to the notion, but even the Mail on Sunday crowd are not overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the idea, either.

Let's be honest, a state funeral for the old slag gives us a chance to have a demonstration and ruin the event for all the arse-lickers who want to turn out and weep.

That said, what happens to the creature's carcass after it has ceased to pollute the air that the rest of us have to breath is a side issue. The question still remains: how are we to destroy the scum who did well out of the whole Thatcher era; the vermin who voted Tory and left us on the dole?

The issue of that act of revenge is still outstanding and will remain so, whether Thatcher is alive or dead.

I think it's well established that the entire British Left will converge on Trafalgar Square the Saturday after she pops it for a party. (Of course, the state funeral will be another occasion to shout "Rejoice! Rejoice!" My first historical memory was Churchill's state funeral. Worthy successor? I think not.)

My mate Attila the Stockbroker (punk performance poet extraordinaire- look him up on www.attilathestockbroker.com) has already written a song for the occasion, entitled "Maggots 1 - Maggie Nil".

As to your other question; threatening the physical security of individuals has to be an option. How about a collaborative website where we track addresses down and publicise them?

16 July 2008 at 23:10  

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