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25 July 2008
Let's use the smoking ban as a rallying point
Gordon Williams was driving his van home after visiting the shops when a council jobsworth saw him smoking and gave him a dodgy fixed penalty notice. It is out of order because Gordon's van is not his place of work, it is just the vehicle that he uses to get to and from work. Yet more council jobsworths have cracked down on folk having a tab in a South Wales bus station, and staying on the theme of transport, a fucking dog warden managed to get a lorry driver fined for enjoying a smoke in his cab.

Contrary to what many people believe, all of this is council, and not state, action. Parliament passed to buck onto the local councils and gave them money to hire unproductive jobsworth scum to enforce the rules. There is nothing in the law to say that a council has to enforce this law, and in working class areas any decent Labour council would just ignore this class based bit of legislation.

However, as we know, Nu-Labour doesn't even try to represent our class anymore, and local councillors tend to be the local polyocracy writ large.

In the medium and long term we need a party that will represent out values, but the fact that such a body does not exist does not mean that we can't start to process of creating one - and the smoking ban is a good a rallying point as any.

If you get a fixed penalty fine, why not get one of your mates to take a photo of the jobsworth? Find out who the cunt is and then post all his details on the web? Start a smoking group and go along to the jobsworths' office mob-handed - see how the fuckers like that!

I have no doubt that some toy-town Trot will argue that this involves threatening working class people who are only doing their jobs, blah-blah-blah, but that argument is as much a load of old wank as everything else that moronic Trots come out with.

Bastard work is where we go to get our money. Our interest in bastard work starts and ends with the money. So the jobsworths should just go out and have a walk around - and then report to the management vermin that they saw nothing. As is always the case, if management vermin want to ensure that this is true, then they are going to have to wave the big stick - that's the only method that will ever get any decent British working man to do as the fuckers want.

So then we get two issues that can be used to mobilise the tribe: smoking is one and defending the right of council workers not to have management filth give them lip is the other.

Once we even get to the first stage, that of organising local resistance to the ban on our estates, then the basis of a new working class party has been created in that area. It will have begun by using issues that are directly relevant to our people, and using them as building blocks for our badly needed working class party.

People, all it takes is a bit of organisation - let's get started!



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