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24 July 2008
Is Britain finally ready to abandon Iraq?
Gordon Brown seems to have prepared the ground for the final cut and run from Iraq. About 4,000 British troops are still occupying Basra airport, but that is too few a number to do anything other than defend the base if it were ever to be attacked.

Given that the British people seem to be evenly divided between those who were opposed to the whole imperial adventure from the beginning and those who were always indifferent to it, why that number still remain in the country is anyone's guess. However, the good news is that any notion that any Nu-Labour warmonger had about Iraq becoming a model client state that would recognise Israel, allow its natural resources to be raped and then act a springboard for further aggression in the region has now been dashed.

The issue for socialists now is to start asking the awkward questions: why are 176 British soldiers dead? What did the regime in London gain from those deaths? Will resources now be allocated to repairing the damage to the British economy that 30 years of neo-liberalism has created? When can our people start earning a decent wage for a decent week's bastard work?

We have to frame the debate in those terms, otherwise the warwankers will hijack it again and start bleating about harkies getting chopped up, or women being persecuted. Comrades, that is not our fucking problem. The Iraqis can sort out their own mess, because after three long decades of defeat after defeat we have a mess of our own that needs attending to.

Our enemies are at home, men, and it's time we starting giving the fuckers some grief!

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