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08 July 2008
How to change the way that people think
Lets hope that your pre-school kids either don't go to a nursery group or are willing to eat any old muck if they do. If they turn their noses up at some unfamiliar foreign crap, then they are liable to be branded as racists and you are liable to have the social work filth knocking on your door.

Could anyone make this shit up? That is the recommendation of the National Children's' Bureau, which is funded to the tune of £12 million a year by the government. Obviously the NCB jobsworths have to justify that ludicrous amount of money somehow, and the report that they have just issued is part of that process. Equally obviously the social work filth are going to be wanking with glee as yet more power and yet more resources come their way. However, is it just about providing employment for lower-middle-class thickoes, or is something else happening in our country?

What seems to be happening is a drive to force people to think along certain lines and to force them to suppress internally any thoughts that go outside the prescribed limits. You are going to be liberal, runs the argument, and if you are not then we are damn well going to force you to become a nice, post-modern liberal.

This makes more sense, and will be a lot cheaper for the state, than the Thatcherite policy of brute repression. Forcing the miners back to work cost the state millions - how much nicer it would be if only the nasty working class stopped thinking all those nasty, plebeian thoughts and just accepted the post-modern way of doing things. That seems to be the train of thought and this policy seems to be part and parcel of that strategy.

Leading on from this, the political class has to finish the work that Thatcher began a generation ago. Her gang only managed to destroy the unions, but they left all the other autonomous organisations intact. The family, the sense of community and the churches have all come under fairly sustained attack over the past decade. The aim seems to be to break these bodies down precisely because they do not rely on the state for their support. In the case of the family, had those defence structures that strong family links provide not existed, then the miners would not have been able to withstand the state's onslaught for as long as they did during the Great Strike of 1984-85.

It is within this light that we should consider Nu-Labour's recent attacks on the Catholic Church. The church provides a whole set of structures from adoption and education to moral values that are outside the state's orbit and which run counter to the ideology that the state is trying to impose.

Hard though it may be for socialists to accept, we have to make common cause with bodies such as the Roman Church, not because we like them very much, but because the alternative is so very much worse. If the political class has its way then we, the working people of Britain, will be reduced to the level of Sparta's Helots. The state will decide what we need and its agents - the social work filth spring to mind - will be charged with ensuring that we get it. We will have no way of protesting because all the structures that we once used to organise our protests will have been dismantled.



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