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02 July 2008
Haltemprice & Howden stooge candidate identified
Last week your friendly Exile speculated idly if Jill Saward was the Nu-Labour stooge candidate for the Haltemprice & Howden by-election. Given that Nu-Labour has declined to stand in this race - probably for fear that they would be seriously humiliated - a Martin Bell type stooge struck this writer as the next best option. Looking through the list of candidates, Jill Saward seemed the most likely option to be the Nu-Labour spoiler, and lo and behold it looks like the Exile scored a bullseye with that one.

The Guardian started to let the cat out of the bag when it reported that Jill Saward "would not say who was urging her to stand. But it is known that Labour is very keen for a high-profile candidate to challenge Davis." The fact that Miss Saward was a relative unknown until the Guardian began to talk up her candidacy was, of course, not remarked upon in that piece.

The Nu-Labour wankblogs have started cheering on her candidacy, starting with Luke Akehurst and the Harry's Place crew. That doesn't prove anything, of course, but proof is unlikely to be forthcoming in the short term, anyway. What we can conclude with certainty is that if both Akehurst and Harry's Place are for something, then the rest of us can just stop wondering where the fishy smell is coming from.

As for Jill Saward, the fact that she will not tell us who is supporting her candidacy, leaves her open to the quite reasonable charge that she is the Nu-Labour candidate in disguise. On that basis alone this writer hopes that she loses her deposit.

Actually, as Jill Saward's husband, I can tell you the reason Jill won't say who is supporting her is because it is up to individuals to declare their support rather than have their support "outed" by other people.

Jill has received support from members of the Labour party, members of the Liberal Democrats and members of the Conservative party - in addition to people who have no political persuasion and people who said they previously never voted, but who will be voting for Jill.

If New Labour - or any other political grouping - are behind Jill's campaign, do please ask them to write a cheque to assist with the election expensive; because standing in a by-election is a costly process for an independent candidate.

2 July 2008 at 09:25  

Akehurst and Harry's Place are for something, then the rest of us can just stop wondering where the fishy smell is coming from.

Best laugh so far.

2 July 2008 at 14:20  

This is a lovely example of a non-denial, denial, Gavin.

Individuals from all over the place may back your missus, just as they did Martin Bell. What I am saying is that I think that she is the stooge candidate for a political party - Nu-Labour in this case - just as Bell was.

Now I doubt that Nu-Labour signed a cheque for Bell's campaign, but I am equally sure that funds were provided for him somehow. It is with the same degree of certainty that I predict that the same thing will happen here.

2 July 2008 at 21:00  

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