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07 July 2008
England's flag is racist say the police
You had better not have the English flag in your car, especially if you are driving through Wiltshire. Bob Smith was told to remove his by one copper as it might offend immigrants.

As the press have now got hold of the story, the cops are frantically backtracking vigorously and trying to deny that the incident even happened, which rather begs the question, what would this 18 year old have to gain by inventing a tale like that?

It looks to your friendly Exile as if some copper, probably bored out of his brains because there are no strikes to help break, decided to give grief to one working class lad. It's unlikely that the average lower middle class BNP friendly plod really gives a damn about what Johnny Foreigner thinks, but that won't stop him using the language of post-modern multi-culturalism for his own ends.

We know that the filth will use whatever means they can to give grief to people of our class, but it does annoy this writer that what used to be the working class party has given them the ideological tools to do the job.



Again Civil Rights - this is why it's becoming an election issue.

No one would dare complain if the Irish, Scots or Welsh flew their national flags.

How dare they criticise or intimidate the English (from a Celt).

Fly the flag from every lamppost in absolute defiance of New Labour and the Police State.

Time to vote out New Labour!! En Masse.

7 July 2008 at 21:11  

I suppose that the argument would be that the other flags are flown as a gesture of resistance to the domination of England, whereas the English flag is an act of triumphalism.

The problem with that line is that the English flag was never flown, only the Union Flag.

Eng;land's flag is now being used in much the same way as the others. It is a gesture of defiance to the multi-culties of this world.

7 July 2008 at 21:36  

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