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23 July 2008
Bovine Trot wonders about Karadzic arrest: Exile helps him wonder no more
Time to repost the celebrated image of the original twatting hammer, I feel, as I metaphorically take it up and lay about yet another disciple of St. Leon the Loser. . .

I almost missed this gem as the wankblog concerned usually falls under my radar. How, asks a spaz so prime that he can only be a mongish Trot, will the "ultra-right, Stalinist and simply unhinged" respond to the arrest of Radovan Karadzic?

Now John Laughland is a fucking Whig who believes in a state so limited that it would not have a monopoly over the issuance of its gold currency. That ideology is so far removed from authoritarian ultra rightism, that only a bovine Trot could conflate the two. Furthermore, I don't think that you could call Neil Clark unhinged since he is a personable bloke who did more than most to ensure that Iraqi scabs spend their days hiding out like frightened little sewer rats - until the day that the guerrillas take over and then they will go the way of the Algerian Harkis that is. If that counts as being unhinged, then we need a few more like Neil, helping us to fight our corner, instead of moronic Trots, all wanking dementedly over their messiah and his failed theology. That said, I will concede that the Morning Star is Stalinist - so that's one out of three for the Trots - which is more than they normally score.

Why has reaction to the Karadzic arrest been muted? Probably because the left accepts that Serbia wants to join the EU so that they can get their paws on all those subsidies and also to stop further moves to recognise Kosovo. It was a fairly sordid political deal, and nothing to get worked up about.

Besides, the war against globalised capitalism has shifted to Iraq and Afghanistan. That is where the wheels that will break the system apart are to be found.

Hard though it may be for a mongish Trot to believe, but the Iraqi militias and Afghan tribesmen have done more to damage the international capitalist system than any hand-shandyist ever did as he spurted his wad over the collected works of St. Leon the Loser.

Update, 30-July-2008, 2.45am:

Bored out of my skull I checked my stat porn and was pleased and delighted to see that some spaz from Shitarse Socialist, or whatever it's called, has been sniffing around here. He's a Brummie, and you know what The Exile thinks about Brummies, don't you?



Very well said!

24 July 2008 at 00:57  

To state the obvious, Shiraz socialists are zionazis, not Trots, though some pretend to be Trots. The Trots are shot through, especially at the higher levels, with 'members of a certain ethnic group' to the extent that 'one' wonders whether class politics is just a mask for another interest. There do seem to be some genuine and influential anitizionists among them, and they DO, probably more than anyone in the UK, a lot to get the truth about Israel out; but it's an absolute shibboleth with them that zionism is nothing to do with jews, so, as in everything else, they misdirect whatever forces they mobilise or focus. I wonder if this is a pattern; get to the heart of every struggle - if they didn't somebody else would - with plausible rallying cries, and then dissipate the energies of their followers by aiming them at the wrong target, or just mystifiying them with Trot-dialectic gobbledegook.

There you go! I just wanted to share that with you!

28 July 2008 at 07:52  

That's fine Jock - feel free to share whatever you wish, whenever you wish.

I know nothing about the site and only came upon it by accident. I doubt if I will be going back, but you never know.

Just to make a general point, it strikes me that what socialists should be doing is chipping away, bit by tiny bit, at the legitimacy of our rulers. That is why I campaign against the social work industry for instance.

Trots of whatever shade just act to discredit socialism in working people's eyes. Going on about issues that are irrelevant to our tribe only makes the people who have now had 30 years of shit think that there really is no alternative.

They are as much a part of the problem as any plump Tory.

29 July 2008 at 03:08  

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