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28 July 2008
American election lunacy
This is bollocks - but it is good bollocks, if you know what I mean. Down the decades to come, when old blogging hacks meet to chew the fat about the bollocks of yesteryear, this posting will spring irresistibly to mind. This the the creme de la bollocks, take my word for it.

Dr Melissa Clouthier is responsible for it. OK, she isn't really a doctor, she's a chiropractor, but let's ignore that. What Melissa wants us to believe is that as soon as she saw the Obama image she immediately saw a likeness to an image of Hitler. OK, but the two images look nothing like each other, dearie. A more likely explanation is that you saw all that German writing on the Obama poster, then went hunting around for a profile picture of the late A. Hitler that you could juxtapose with it.

Still, never mind, Melissa, as it is not your fault that you have a bra size larger than your IQ. That said, check out her photo at the blog - I love the tussled blonde hair. It's very Bund Deutscher Madchen, if you get my drift?

Cheers: Matthew Yglesias

have you seen this

29 July 2008 at 03:27  

I have now. The humour is what I would call laboured.

31 July 2008 at 00:18  

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