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31 July 2008
Nu-Labour now wants to censor the video sharing sites
Following on from last night's posting about a British Parliamentary proposal to censor the blogs, it is now emerging that the same committee wants to censor the likes of YouTube as well. The excuse, of course, is to combat child pornography, but that is something that YouTube do very well on their own for the simple reason that it just happens to be illegal pretty much all over the world.

It is obvious from reading the report that this bunch of clowns may have no real idea about how the World Wide Web actually works. For instance they have called for YouTube to install a button so that people can denounce non-existent child pornography to the police. OK, what can the British police do to an uploader in Russia who is using servers located in the USA? That's why it is called the World Wide Web - it's not the same as your local newspaper which is printed and distributed in one area.

On the other hand, the politicians must know this, I mean they can't be that fucking stupid, so what's going on? The best guess is that this is just so much alarmist twaddle and what they are really after is putting a stop to people who post videos that embarrass the state. People like Vanessa Brookes spring to mind, as Vanessa had the temerity to record the monotonous tones of a genuine lump of social work shit as it told her how her still unborn child was going to be kidnapped as soon as he emerged from her womb.

Vanessa foolishly put the recording on YouTube and it didn't take Calderdale Council's arselicking councillors all that long before they complained to the company and the recording was pulled from the site. Luckily for everyone the torture session already been uploaded to the file sharers, so just click on this link and hear it for yourself.

If YouTube can be prevented from taking material like the one Vanessa provided, then obviously the state's control is strengthened. The point is that YouTube may have censored Vanessa, but the recording is out there: so what the buggers want to do is prevent that happening in the first place, and thus to silence dissent.

Now that is a frightening thought. . .


30 July 2008
Show Jumping Gets a Sleaze Makeover
Working on the principle that if one pair of shapely female buttocks will sell anything, the British Show Jumping Association decided that a double pair would be perfect to raise the level of the sport in the public mind. So the said association put Georgie Strutton and Laura Renwick in virginal white panties and had them photographed.

Frankly, I don't see why they wanted to sex up the image of a sport that is pretty seriously sexy already. Let's face it, show jumping has always had the image of beddable young birds, thighs firmly clamped around a bucking stallion - then they go off and ride a horse around a ring and jump over a few hurdles.

The photo on the right is my favourite. Sweet little 21 year old Georgie seems to be wonderfully embarrassed by it all, whilst raunchy Laura, 33, looks as if she is only too expert at holding thick hard implements in her hand.

I wonder if either of these two tasty bits of talent have ever done any video work? The people want to know!

Please donate to keep the blog going & the sleaze flowing!


Nu-Labour to censor the blogs
As part of its drive to ensure that political debate in Britain is fully controlled, Nu-Labour now wants to censor the blogs and the social networking sites such as FaceBook and MySpace. Under new parliamentary proposals a watchdog would be established, but without any statutory powers. Knowing Nu-Labour that would probably change later as part of a drive to ensure that people's legitimate complaints are fully answered, or some such guff.

If anyone doubts that, then let them consider these carefully worded remarks from a source close to the committee:
At the moment consumers don't know where to go if they want to complain about something they have seen on the internet. The absence of any industry body is leading to a great deal of confusion and to widely differing practices. The idea is that a self-regulatory body like the Advertising Standards Authority would be set up to make sure that members, including, internet companies and search engines, subscribe to the code and abide by rulings.
Now, the fact that the Daily Telegraph's report also included details of a businessman who has just received £20,000 in compensation after having been libelled on FaceBook suggests to me that consumers and every bugger else knows only too well how to complain, but that's Nu-Labour spin for you.

What happens when the bloggers give a sarcastic, two-fingered salute to this new body? That they will is beyond doubt. We write for ourselves, and unlike traditional newspapers cannot be blackmailed with the usual threat of toe the line or your editor doesn't get his knighthood. Furthermore, socialist blogs such as this one, or libertarian sites such as The Devil's Kitchen would almost certainly go out of their way to ensure that the new regulatory body criticised them. Let's face it, the hits that we would get from just a single criticism would be zip busting in the extreme, and we just live for that stat porn, don't we?

So legal powers to enforce judgements can be expected to follow in due course. That's just the way that Nu-Labour operates.

British bloggers need to put aside their political differences and decide how we are going to combat this attack on all of us.


29 July 2008
Why file sharing is a good thing
Yes, I love peer to peer as well, although not as much as my teenage son. That said he's pretty lucky in that only about ten percent of Mexicans even have a telephone line at home, and out of a population of roughly 110 million, there are only about half a million individual and corporate internet connections in the whole country. The lad's got one, but that doesn't stop the rest getting el cheapo music, because just about every street corner has its little man selling disks at about 50p each. Some are pirate copies of a particular album, but most these days are unofficial compilations that involve a certain artist or music genre.

I was reminded of this when I read the news that Britain is planning to introduce tight new laws on file sharing. The point here is not the laws, because Mexico has them as well, the point is that most British people are pretty bovine, and accept the legitimacy of those laws. The Mexicans don't, and neither does most of the world come to that, which suggests to me that the rest of the world is way ahead of the UK when it comes to figuring out what the boss man's game is all about.

You might argue that the British working class are pretty much on the ball when it comes to sussing out the boss class and its games, but in Mexico even people who would be regarded as well entrenched middle class don't believe in capitalism's tales very much.

I remember about 15 years ago when I was teaching English to a major company's head of personnel. When an edict was issued by the board of directors, this guy not only had to send out the new rules, but he had to actually take a copy of the memorandum to each and every head of department and get them to sign for it. If he didn't, then they would claim that they had never received the memo.

Now we are not talking here about rank and file workers. We are talking about the heads of department, with each man being responsible for several hundred people who were his underlings. In Mexico, and the third world in general, they don't give a shit, either.

Countries like Mexico are not governed by the likes of Sod's Law, they are governed by Herod's Law, which states that you fuck or you get fucked. In fact, so engrained is Herod's Law that the Mexicans even made a film with that title about a decade ago - it was, needless to say, a very popular hit.

That helps to explain why the third world is the way that it is, but it also explains why western style capitalism will never take off in these lands. People are just too sophisticated to believe the lies that people in Britain swallow with their mother's milk. Here even pretty senior managers know that the owners of capital don't give a shit about them, so they return the favour with interest.

What has all this got to do with file sharing? Quiet a lot, actually, because our job as socialists is to help undermine that bit of capitalist hegemony which states that we as a class gain something by following the bosses' rules.

So file sharing, in its own little way, helps chip away at a tiny amount of that hegemony. It's also good fun - and if you can't have a laugh and a joke when you are smashing the state's power, when can you?

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28 July 2008
Will Brown be pushed out of office?
Will Britain have a new Prime Minister soon? No, says your friendly old Exile, as Gordon Brown will remain in office until the election which is due in 2010. There is a lot of talk of palace coups at the moment, but there are several good reasons why we should conclude that it is merely hot air.

The first is that what people are rejecting is not Gordon Brown per se, but the whole Nu-Labour experiment. That much should be obvious from the decline in working class turnout and support for Nu-Labour at every election since 1997. That has now accelerated, hence all the talk about a coup, but as Peter Kellner pointed out yesterday, the polls do not show any possibility of a surge in support for the government if it were headed by someone else.

To make matter worse, who would the replacement be? The most likely candidate would be David Miliband, a Primrose Hill pretty boy who has been variously described as looking like "a pillock on his gap year" and "a trainee manager at the Grand Hotel in Brighton". The problem is that Miliband and all the rest are tarred with the brush that gave Britain the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, and not one of those putative replacements has ever even hinted that he believes in nationalisation, re-industrialisation and stronger trades' unions. The middle class are not going to return to the party that refuses to end those wars, and the working class are now sick of being treated as voting fodder.

Funnily enough, Brown is probably the only man who can actually prevent an electoral meltdown. He could cajole the cabinet into withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq, and that would bolster his position with the liberal middle class. At the same time, he could quickly dust off some policies that would be popular with the traditional Labour voters - what they are doesn't matter, just so long as some unskilled and semi-skilled jobs are created out of the process.

Gordon Brown could do that because he has about him the air of a Labour Man, and Labour voters would most likely return to the fold if he started speaking the language that they want to hear. However, he won't, because in spite of his Labour air, he is a Nu-Labour man to the core.

So, since there is nobody to replace Brown in Downing Street, and since Brown is unwilling to produce the policies that are needed to prevent a meltdown, he will remain at the helm until the general election puts him and everyone else out of their misery.
American election lunacy
This is bollocks - but it is good bollocks, if you know what I mean. Down the decades to come, when old blogging hacks meet to chew the fat about the bollocks of yesteryear, this posting will spring irresistibly to mind. This the the creme de la bollocks, take my word for it.

Dr Melissa Clouthier is responsible for it. OK, she isn't really a doctor, she's a chiropractor, but let's ignore that. What Melissa wants us to believe is that as soon as she saw the Obama image she immediately saw a likeness to an image of Hitler. OK, but the two images look nothing like each other, dearie. A more likely explanation is that you saw all that German writing on the Obama poster, then went hunting around for a profile picture of the late A. Hitler that you could juxtapose with it.

Still, never mind, Melissa, as it is not your fault that you have a bra size larger than your IQ. That said, check out her photo at the blog - I love the tussled blonde hair. It's very Bund Deutscher Madchen, if you get my drift?

Cheers: Matthew Yglesias
26 July 2008
Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) Upskirt
Here you go lads - another couple of Girls Aloud upskirt shots for your weekend delight. The aloud girl who is showing off her charms tonight is Kimberley Walsh, and next week we will round off the series with Cheryl Tweedy and Nicola Roberts.

If you have a particular favourite that you want featured here then just drop me a line and I will see what I can dig up for you. That's how the Girls Aloud upskirt series began, and since all I'm doing is increasing my stat porn I am more than happy to oblige.


25 July 2008
Nu-Labour gets old shafting in Glasgow East
As you will know by now, Nu-Labour has been hammered by the Scottish National Party in the Glasgow East by-election. It is just so nice to see prediction after prediction from this blog coming true. Last night I had a bit of a wobble when I saw the opinion polls, but my earlier instincts were correct: Nu-Labour is now a corpse, just waiting for the undertaker to arrive in 2010 so that it can be given a decent burial.

The interesting thing about this by-election was that the Scottish Socialist Party and a breakaway from it called Solidarity scored between them almost 1,100 votes. Had those fools not split then the single party would almost certainly have overtaken the Liberal-Democrats, and possibly even the Tories as well. So much for the notion that people will not vote for socialist parties. . .

Another factor that Nu-Labour cannot spin away is the fact that unlike the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, turnout did not collapse in Glasgow East. True, it was down on the general election, but only by about six percent. Given that Glasgow is enjoying her annual holidays at the moment, the turnout at this election can only be described as high.

What happened was that the Glasgow working class decided that they had finally had enough of the Nu-Labour nightmare and they voted for the social-democratic SNP. Some went for the two minor socialist parties, and taken all together this amounts to a ripe, two-fingered gesture of contempt for the Blatcherite consensus that combines lifestyle politics with economic neo-liberalism.

It is too late for Nu-Labour, but the party that will be created to fill the void that it leaves will have to accept the fact that the working class are economically radical and socially conservative. The new party will have to work with that grain and not against it. If it does that then it could quickly begin to pick up support.

The party needs to campaign for a British withdrawal from the European Union. That will immediately put the Tories on the defensive and open up all their carefully hidden wounds over European integration. It would also demonstrate to working people that the party is as patriotic as they are - something that many on the left have always had a problem with. Two outcomes for a policy that most socialists just happen to agree is the right one, anyway, cannot be bad, now can it?

Secondly, the party needs to heal the rift that exists between the left and the Catholic Church. I write here as an Englishman who loathes the organisation, but as an Englishman I accept the need for tolerance and compromise. The writ of the Bishop of Rome will never run in England so long as we have the Act of Settlement, and an avowedly secular population, so what is the problem? Let the Catholics keep their adoption agencies and their schools - it is not as if they are asking for very much, now is it? In return the new party would get the support of millions of Catholic working men and women who just happen to believe in the same, economically collectivised future that we want to see for ourselves.

You can see the shape of this new party dimly on the horizon. Socially conservative and economically radical: just like the class that it will represent.


Let's use the smoking ban as a rallying point
Gordon Williams was driving his van home after visiting the shops when a council jobsworth saw him smoking and gave him a dodgy fixed penalty notice. It is out of order because Gordon's van is not his place of work, it is just the vehicle that he uses to get to and from work. Yet more council jobsworths have cracked down on folk having a tab in a South Wales bus station, and staying on the theme of transport, a fucking dog warden managed to get a lorry driver fined for enjoying a smoke in his cab.

Contrary to what many people believe, all of this is council, and not state, action. Parliament passed to buck onto the local councils and gave them money to hire unproductive jobsworth scum to enforce the rules. There is nothing in the law to say that a council has to enforce this law, and in working class areas any decent Labour council would just ignore this class based bit of legislation.

However, as we know, Nu-Labour doesn't even try to represent our class anymore, and local councillors tend to be the local polyocracy writ large.

In the medium and long term we need a party that will represent out values, but the fact that such a body does not exist does not mean that we can't start to process of creating one - and the smoking ban is a good a rallying point as any.

If you get a fixed penalty fine, why not get one of your mates to take a photo of the jobsworth? Find out who the cunt is and then post all his details on the web? Start a smoking group and go along to the jobsworths' office mob-handed - see how the fuckers like that!

I have no doubt that some toy-town Trot will argue that this involves threatening working class people who are only doing their jobs, blah-blah-blah, but that argument is as much a load of old wank as everything else that moronic Trots come out with.

Bastard work is where we go to get our money. Our interest in bastard work starts and ends with the money. So the jobsworths should just go out and have a walk around - and then report to the management vermin that they saw nothing. As is always the case, if management vermin want to ensure that this is true, then they are going to have to wave the big stick - that's the only method that will ever get any decent British working man to do as the fuckers want.

So then we get two issues that can be used to mobilise the tribe: smoking is one and defending the right of council workers not to have management filth give them lip is the other.

Once we even get to the first stage, that of organising local resistance to the ban on our estates, then the basis of a new working class party has been created in that area. It will have begun by using issues that are directly relevant to our people, and using them as building blocks for our badly needed working class party.

People, all it takes is a bit of organisation - let's get started!


24 July 2008
Polls open for Glasgow East by-election
Voting is now under way in the Glasgow East by-election and Nu-Labour and the SNP appear to be neck and neck. PoliticalBetting.com, a website that has a good track record of calling results is being careful about this one.

In the unlikely event that anyone in the constituency reads this blog, your friendly Exile would just like to point out that the good people of Glasgow East now have a wonderful opportunity to stick the boot into the party that has treated them like shit for over a decade.

Let's hope that they take it.
Is Britain finally ready to abandon Iraq?
Gordon Brown seems to have prepared the ground for the final cut and run from Iraq. About 4,000 British troops are still occupying Basra airport, but that is too few a number to do anything other than defend the base if it were ever to be attacked.

Given that the British people seem to be evenly divided between those who were opposed to the whole imperial adventure from the beginning and those who were always indifferent to it, why that number still remain in the country is anyone's guess. However, the good news is that any notion that any Nu-Labour warmonger had about Iraq becoming a model client state that would recognise Israel, allow its natural resources to be raped and then act a springboard for further aggression in the region has now been dashed.

The issue for socialists now is to start asking the awkward questions: why are 176 British soldiers dead? What did the regime in London gain from those deaths? Will resources now be allocated to repairing the damage to the British economy that 30 years of neo-liberalism has created? When can our people start earning a decent wage for a decent week's bastard work?

We have to frame the debate in those terms, otherwise the warwankers will hijack it again and start bleating about harkies getting chopped up, or women being persecuted. Comrades, that is not our fucking problem. The Iraqis can sort out their own mess, because after three long decades of defeat after defeat we have a mess of our own that needs attending to.

Our enemies are at home, men, and it's time we starting giving the fuckers some grief!
23 July 2008
Bovine Trot wonders about Karadzic arrest: Exile helps him wonder no more
Time to repost the celebrated image of the original twatting hammer, I feel, as I metaphorically take it up and lay about yet another disciple of St. Leon the Loser. . .

I almost missed this gem as the wankblog concerned usually falls under my radar. How, asks a spaz so prime that he can only be a mongish Trot, will the "ultra-right, Stalinist and simply unhinged" respond to the arrest of Radovan Karadzic?

Now John Laughland is a fucking Whig who believes in a state so limited that it would not have a monopoly over the issuance of its gold currency. That ideology is so far removed from authoritarian ultra rightism, that only a bovine Trot could conflate the two. Furthermore, I don't think that you could call Neil Clark unhinged since he is a personable bloke who did more than most to ensure that Iraqi scabs spend their days hiding out like frightened little sewer rats - until the day that the guerrillas take over and then they will go the way of the Algerian Harkis that is. If that counts as being unhinged, then we need a few more like Neil, helping us to fight our corner, instead of moronic Trots, all wanking dementedly over their messiah and his failed theology. That said, I will concede that the Morning Star is Stalinist - so that's one out of three for the Trots - which is more than they normally score.

Why has reaction to the Karadzic arrest been muted? Probably because the left accepts that Serbia wants to join the EU so that they can get their paws on all those subsidies and also to stop further moves to recognise Kosovo. It was a fairly sordid political deal, and nothing to get worked up about.

Besides, the war against globalised capitalism has shifted to Iraq and Afghanistan. That is where the wheels that will break the system apart are to be found.

Hard though it may be for a mongish Trot to believe, but the Iraqi militias and Afghan tribesmen have done more to damage the international capitalist system than any hand-shandyist ever did as he spurted his wad over the collected works of St. Leon the Loser.

Update, 30-July-2008, 2.45am:

Bored out of my skull I checked my stat porn and was pleased and delighted to see that some spaz from Shitarse Socialist, or whatever it's called, has been sniffing around here. He's a Brummie, and you know what The Exile thinks about Brummies, don't you?


Police state Britain
Go on holiday and get arrested under the Terrorism Act when you return - the abuse of that act's powers is becoming almost a daily occurrence.

Let's take the example of the Coombs family who had a day trip to France and then returned home via the Channel Tunnel. First they were accused of child trafficking, because Joshua, their 12 year old son is of a different race - he's probably adopted.

Then ten coppers surround their car and they are all nicked under the Terrorism Act. Do you see how it works? The filth start off with one allegation and then use the Terrorism Act as a catch-all to arrest anyone they like.

The family were only held in custody for two hours and the filth are now being all sweetness and light because they can't lie and spin their way out of this one, but that is not the point.

The point is that if you give the state more powers, then the state's overpaid and undereducated thugs will abuse those powers.


22 July 2008
Great China based shag blogger

Play the video and listen to the soundtrack whilst you are reading this posting.

What I know about China could be written on the back of a postcard - and what I care about the place could be written in the spot reserved for the stamp. This being the case, it would have to be a damned fine blog that attracted my attention if it was connected with matters Chinese.

One such damned fine blog is called Sex and Shanghai, as written by the formerly anonymous Chinabounder. The author's real name is David Marriott, and he emerged into the light of day to publicise his recent book Fault Lines on the Face of China: 50 Reasons Why China May Never Be Great.

That said, it is the blog that we'll chat about here, partly because Chinabounder is a shagger after my own heart, and partly because of the reaction that his blog elicits from Chinamen. Take a trip over there if you don't believe me, and see how just about every posting attracts the same puerile rants from the short dicked men over and over again.

Obviously they are annoyed that Chinawomen are more interested in Chinabounder's kidney wiper than they are in their underdeveloped tackle, but that doesn't mean that we have to take their whining seriously.

So get over to Sex and Shanghai and have a laugh at the inadequate little men. Now you know why I suggested that you listen to the video soundtrack while you were reading this, don't you?
Nu-Labour: death wish or hubris?
Has Nu-Labour got a real death wish or is it hubris that drives them on? The reason I ask is that last week's rumour that Nu-Labour was planning to introduce welfare reform became hard fact yesterday when the wheeze was unveiled. The reason why I asked the question is because the Glasgow East by-election will be held on Thursday of this week, and I can't figure out the motivation behind the announcement.

The point is that if Nu-Labour wants to hold Glasgow East then this announcement is pretty much guaranteed to ensure that another few thousand people either stay at home or vote for the Scottish National Party.

To make matters even worse, enough Nu-Labour backbenchers will vote against the reform to ensure that it only passes with Tory help. Isn't that just a wonderful way to ensure that even the most bovine Labour voter finally realises that the Tories and Nu-Labour are both cut from the same cloth?


21 July 2008
Zimbabwe: bad news for the hand wringers
As Zimbabwe introduces a $100bn banknote today - worth about 10p in real money - then we can expect yet more cries from the world of webmongery to do something, anything, about the deteriorating situation in the country.

Aside from the fact that most people in Britain lost interest in Zimbabwe when it became independent back in 1980, there is one tiny hurdle that the do-something crowd have to leap. Britain has ceded all relations with Zimbabwe to the European Union. In other words, London can't do anything, even if it wanted to.

The fact that the webmongs who want to invade Zimbabwe also tend to be pretty keen supporters of the Brussels' machine is just the icing on the cake for your cynical old Exile.


Social work tricks: Lisa's story
An American lady named Lisa who has lived in England for just over 20 years has been in touch, to tell me the sorry tale of her treatment by the social work filth. The full story is rather long and complicated, but three aspects stick out.

The first is that Lisa and her husband, who were then going through a painful divorce at the time, were unable to decide which of them would have custody of their three children. The two eldest, who are now 17 and 15 went to live with their paternal grandparents, and the youngest, now seven, and not fathered by the ex-husband, stayed with Lisa. According to her, it was at that point that her ex-husband then began to involve the social work filth, seemingly as a way to pressure her to make concessions.

People that is just a very bad idea indeed. No matter how much you hate your awfully wedded wife - or no matter how much you dream of widowhood - a basic rule of thumb should be that at the end of the day you sort the mess out between yourselves, using your lawyers to help. Bringing in the rancid crew only makes a bad situation worse, so don't do it.

Secondly, what sticks out in this case is how the social work filth decided to use the police to seize a child in the middle of the night, and without a court order. The social work filth then claimed that Lisa had handed the baby over voluntarily, which she has always denied. The point here is that at some point in the proceedings an anonymous report was sneaked into Lisa's file which claimed that she was drunk when the police arrived.

When the matter finally got to court the police were forced to admit that the house was neat and tidy, everyone was fast asleep when they arrived, and that the drunkenness allegation may just have surfaced because of an empty wine bottle that was found in a rubbish bin. In other words the social work filth just made that up to try and cover themselves. Now it didn't work, because Lisa got her baby back and was awarded £1,900 in compensation, but that is not the point, is it? The point is that the filth broke the law and then tried to cover it up - and it took Lisa over a month to get her child back.

Finally, Lisa was subjected to what can only be described as blackmail by the social work filth. Soon after the state-sponsored kidnapping took place, Lisa was threatened into handing over her American passport. The filth told her that she had to show a "commitment to work with them," if she wanted her child back. In other words they wanted her to make a gesture of submission to their power and their will.

Stories like this come up time and time again. Social work filth making up the rules as they go along, constantly demanding gestures of obedience from their victims; it is actually the reason why I don't relate many personal accounts these days. Put bluntly, they are all the same.

What makes Lisa different is that after she had recovered from her shock she was able to take stock and argue her case. She refused to bow to the the filth and demonstrated her contempt for them by returning their letters, with the spelling mistakes and grammatical howlers neatly corrected in red pen.

What are the lessons that we can learn from this story? The first has already been stated: whatever else you do, keep the social work filth out of your squabble. The second is the remember at all times that these creatures are motivated by power, and the sheer exhilaration that comes from exercising that power. If there is a child at stake, then you must do as Lisa did and proceed with extreme caution.

Lisa now runs her own internet forum and you can chat to her there if you wish. She has asked me to point out that she is a dab hand at spotting social work scum who try to join up by pretending that they are normal human beings.


19 July 2008
Nadine Coyle (Girls Aloud) Upskirt
Here you go blokes - you can't say that your friendly Exile doesn't give you the sleaze that you know that you want. This rather nice upskirt shot is of Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud fame.

Do you think that someone should teach tottie like this to sit properly? No? Neither do I.

Check back next week for yet more Girls Aloud upskirt photos!


18 July 2008
Power to the (Mexican) people
It rained like buggery last night; real monsoon rain, of the type that you never see in the UK. Needless to say, the power went out and the house was illuminated by candlelight for about three hours.

If you want to know why the power goes out almost every time it rains just have a look at this man in the photo. If you are wondering what he is up to, wonder no more, because he is nicking electricity directly from a power line's junction box.

Just about every junction box has a myriad of highly unofficial cables leading from it that go down to the houses below. Since these connections are cobbled together by just about anyone who has a ladder, and the nerve to take his life in his hands at the top of it, then you can imagine that as soon as it starts to rain the water gets into the box and the system trips out.

Every now and again the state-owned power company sends out its people to disconnect the unofficial cables, but the people just give the men a few pesos and they go back to work and report the job done. Occasionally a senior figure will accompany them just to make sure that they actually do the work. What happens then is that those same power company fellows will return later that night to do a reconnect, for a suitable consideration, of course.

As a result of all this hardly anyone in these United Mexican States pays more than a few coppers for their electricity, but every time it rains the candles come out.

Such is life. . .


17 July 2008
How much are social workers worth?
How much do you think that a lump of social work shit is worth?

Let's think... So useless to the economy that they create nothing of value through their activities... So ugly that they even have to wear a brown paper bag when using their vibrators... So stupid that they can barely construct a sentence. You don't believe the last one? Take a look at the creatures on their home turf, and see how they write when they think that nobody else is reading their inane scribblings.

So how much do you think that fat, ugly, pieces of lower middle class filth like this are worth?


Nu-Labour's old Tory policies
"The new middle-class Labour activist is quite happy to use the urban poor as voting fodder, paying lip-service to the mantra about alleviating economic inequalities." Rather a nice one-liner, I think, out of a piece by James MacMillan in the Daily Telegraph. The article takes this blog's line that Nu-Labour will lose the Glasgow East by-election because it has alienated is socially conservative, economically radical base.

However, another factor has now emerged which may turn what was still a close race between Nu-Labour and the Scottish Nationalist Party into a romp away for the SNP. That issue is welfare reform.

Nu-Labour is trying to introduce a work for dole scheme, and that more than anything else is liable to tip the balance away from Nu-Labour. About half the population of Glasgow East are on some form of benefit or another, and that is not their fault.

Working class people are quite willing to risk their lives down mines, be bored out of their skulls standing behind lathes, or be equally bored on a production line. However, what they expect in return is a decent wage. Being told to get sweeping for their benefits is not the same thing, is it?

What is needed is a working class political party that will cut away at the parasitic non-jobs that the middle class now enjoy and begin a policy of creating the tens of thousands of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs that our people want to do.


16 July 2008
Why do so many people have to drink unclean water?

Certain things irritate and this video just happens to be one. It's aim is to make you, the denizens of the first world, feel guilty because over one billion people on this planet only have access to impure water. Thus you will presumably shell out some donations to keep members of the well-fed third world aid and development industry in lucrative employment.

I didn't know the exact number of people who receive more than just water through their pipes until I saw this video, but I do know that I happen to be one of them. We have a filter that sort of cleans the water that is piped into the house from the city supply, and if the cartridge isn't changed regularly, then after about six months or so of daily use it gets so clogged with gunk that it jams up.

The funny thing is that when the water leaves the plant it is sparkling and clean, so what happens to turn it into a brown sludge? Basically, people tap into the water pipes to nick a free supply. They don't seal the pipes properly after they have made their connection, or don't seal them at all, and dirt gets in. It is that rather than worn-out pipes that causes most of the problems in Mexico City.

Not that you would realise any of that if all you had to go on was a video like this. That same video says that we can't live with this situation. Well, we can and we do. And we shall continue to live with it until the third world ceases to be so damned third rate at just about everything that it does.
Maggot to get state funeral
It seems that Maggot Thatcher is to get a state funeral when it finally pops its clogs. The Guardian's readers are pretty clearly opposed to the notion, but even the Mail on Sunday crowd are not overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the idea, either.

Let's be honest, a state funeral for the old slag gives us a chance to have a demonstration and ruin the event for all the arse-lickers who want to turn out and weep.

That said, what happens to the creature's carcass after it has ceased to pollute the air that the rest of us have to breath is a side issue. The question still remains: how are we to destroy the scum who did well out of the whole Thatcher era; the vermin who voted Tory and left us on the dole?

The issue of that act of revenge is still outstanding and will remain so, whether Thatcher is alive or dead.
15 July 2008
Return of the eXile
As we reported a month ago, the Moscow based alternative newspaper, eXile, was shut down by the Russian authorities. It's now back under the slightly new name of ExiledOnline.com, and claims to be based out of Panama. If you believe that then you will believe anything, but if you enjoyed your web-based fix from Moscow - and over 200,000 people did every month, then you will enjoy visiting the new site - wherever it happens to be located.
Riding the EU gravy train

You have just got to watch this video, shot in the European Parliament in Brussels. The footage was taken at 7.00am one Friday morning by a German TV crew. Check out the MEPs with their cases already packed, signing in to claim their massive whack, before darting off to the airport.

Well, that was their plan, until the camera crew arrived. Then they darted around trying to hide their faces from the camera. Trust me, it's like Fred bloody Karno's, it really is.
14 July 2008
Has Northumbria's time come round again?
This is the flag of the Kingdom of Northumbria. It hasn't snapped in the northern winds for over a 1,000 years - is it time that it did once again?

If the Nu-Labour meltdown is a bad as this writer hopes, then the Scottish National Party will most likely be the main beneficiary in that country. It is likely that faced with a Tory government in London the SNP will call a Scottish referendum with a view to gaining a mandate for independence. If Scotland does become independent, where does that leave the people of Wales and Northern England?

Although the Welsh Assembly does not have the powers of the current Scottish Parliament, it is still a body that can ameliorate London's neo-liberal desires. If push came to shove, then Wales could follow Scotland out of the union because the Welsh have the structure, via their assembly, that could lead to that move.

Northern England would be left alone - and we have more in common with the Scots and the Welsh than we have will ever have with the arse-licking gaffers' men who make up the population of Southern England.

Nu-Labour did try to split England up into artificial regions, each with their own limited powers, but when the matter was put to a vote in the North-East the people rejected the wheeze, and quite rightly so. None of those proposed regions had any historical resonance, but that does not mean that we should think of England as one entity - because that is not how we see ourselves, in spite of what some, mainly southern, writers think.

England historically can be divided into three, and possibly even into four, states that have a history all of their own. The old Kingdom of Northumbria fits in very nicely with what is today Northern England. Historically it came under the Dane Law, and culturally speaking its values are far removed from those of the south.

The Midlands corresponds to the Kingdom of Mercia and the south to that of Wessex. The fourth would be Cornwall, if they chose to go down that road. The chances are that they wouldn't, any more than Mercia would, and both would probably remain with Wessex as a truncated England. And good luck to them if that is what they want.

Northumbria - Northern England - really needs to be thinking about its future and for that to happen we need to start pushing for an assembly of some kind that will represent the people of that area.

If we don't, then we shall remain under London's sway once Scotland and Wales have called time on the union. A permanent colony, permanently outvoted in the English, Westminster Parliament, a parliament that is increasingly under the sway of Brussels and the European Union.

Would it not make more sense for Northumbria, Scotland and Wales to form a union all of their own? A union that would stand outside the EU and which would be dedicated to repairing the damage that the last 30 years have done to all three of us?


Nu-Labour seems to really hate the British working class
This story is now over a year old, but it is worth digging up as an example of why Nu-Labour will lose the next election and why they deserve to lose it.

Corby is a former steel town that was murdered by the Tories in the 1980s. Bastard jobs are now few and far between, but the town did manage to attract 80 government clerical jobs via the Home Office.

Last year those jobs vanished because Corby is not "diverse" enough for ministers' tastes. Translated into simple terms, it's an English town and Nu-Labour wants to give jobs to anyone but the English.

The rumour that Nu-Labour basically hates the working class is ceasing to be just a tale that people repeat in pubs. It seems to be based on some pretty hard evidence.

This being so, why should we vote for a party that not only does not reflect our class interests, but which treats us with such utter and total contempt?


12 July 2008
Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud) Upskirt
You wrote in saying that you wanted Girls Aloud upskirts and Girls Aloud upskirts you have got. This little blonde bomber is Sarah Harding, and the other four darlings who make up the remainder of the warbling troupe will feature during the rest of July.

Click to enlarge, blokes. Click to enlarge.


11 July 2008
Haltemprice and Howden: Labour's stooge flops
As expected David Davis romped home in the Haltemprice & Howden by-election. What will sadden Nu-Labour supporters, always assuming that there are still any left, is that their stooge candidate, Jill Saward, could only manage sixth place, coming in behind both the National Front and Gemma Garrett.
10 July 2008
A warm welcome to all our new Times readers
This is just to welcome our new readers who are arriving courtesy of the link to this blog from the Times.

Politics makes for very strange bedfellows and the fact that the Murdoch-owned Times is now linking to the Exile only goes to prove that point.

What do we have in common? The Times, I suspect, has a readership that is largely middle class and largely employed in the private sector. The Exile has to concede, albeit with gritted teeth, that such people are actually productive of wealth, rather than purely parasitical upon it.

What this means is that for different reasons we both want to do over the same creatures. You because it is your taxes that are paying for these parasites; your friendly Exile because it is his class that is treated as helots by them.

It may be that the Tories will adopt some of these strategies for their 2010 election campaign. As the British economy worsens, savings are going to have to be made, otherwise the readers of the Times are going to have to pay rather more tax than they are used to at the moment. Cutting the social work industry down to size would be one way that a Tory government could do that with little or no electoral cost to itself, given that members of the social work industry tend to be avid Nu-Labour supporters. It might even be popular with the working class. . .

So let's draw a line under the past, shall we? We hate lower-middle-class social work scum with their pathetic little poly degrees and their puerile desire for status, and so do you.

Let's do them over together.


How the social work filth justifies its crimes
Did you know that 21 per cent of all children held on the state's at risk register are there because of emotional abuse? As Camilla Cavendish points out in her Times piece, that is up from just 14 per cent in 1997. What, you may ask, is emotional abuse? Well, it is a "nebulous phrase" that "has no strict definition in British law," and which only a bovine social worker could believe has any utility. Basically, it is a catch-all, designed to allow the state's agents to judicially kidnap British children. Some councils use it, others don't - so whether it will be used against you really just depends on where you live. It is as brutal and cynical as that.

One can understand why the social work filth like this idea, as a person charged with this will find it difficult if not impossible to prove his innocence. Furthermore, the definition of emotional abuse differs from council to council. In Nottingham it involves "an ingrained pattern of interaction," whatever that means, but in Enfield it includes "swearing" and "discriminatory remarks". So God help you if you are in the Monday Club, say, and you tell a Paki joke.

To make matters even more lethal for just about any family that comes under the social work filth's baleful gaze, first impressions seem to count for a lot, at least according to Eileen Munro, reader in social policy at the London School of Economics. The consequences of this, according to Dr Munro, lead to:
. . . a devastating impact in child protection work, in that professionals (sic) hold on to their beliefs about a family despite new evidence that challenges them. It can be equally harmful whether they are over or underestimating the degree of the risk to the child. They may continue to believe parents are doing well, even though there are successive reports of the child's being distressed or injured. Innocent parents wrongly judged abusive can face the frightening experience of being unable to shake the professionals' (sic) conviction, however much counter-evidence they produce.
Let's consider this in more detail. If you are working class then you will recognise social work filth as the spiritual heirs of the old factory foremen. They are jumped-up working class and you will treat them as such. If you are from a genuinely middle class family, then you will recognise that fat lump of shit sat in your living room as the arriviste scum that it is. It is one thing for a barrister, say, to patronise people like that, but it is quite another when that same creature tries to behave as the barrister's overlord, or even his equal. Either way, whether the family is working class or middle class, trouble is on the horizon.

To make matters even worse, given the background and low educational levels of the average piece of social work filth, getting them to admit their error is going to be next to impossible. To understand why that is the case you have to imagine for a moment what it is like to be an ambitious little scrote - one of Nu-Labour's target voters, the aspirational maggots of this land. They get their A-Level results and, lo and behold, they realise that all the aspiring in the world isn't going to alter the fact that a scratty old poly is all that will have them. With a so-called degree from one of those institutions, social work is about the limit of what they can realistically hope for.

However, they are still aspiring little scrotes, so demanding respect, telling people over and over again just how professional they are is something that they have to do. They are reassuring themselves as much as anything else.

As part of that process they will attack working class people because they have to prove - again to themselves - that they no longer belong to that class. When faced with genuine middle class people their aim is to show that they are just as good, if not better, than the people that they are tormenting. Classical, lower-middle-class arriviste scum, in other words, and it would be a foolish man who expected them to behave in any other way.

In the short term there is really nothing that we can do to protect our families from these creatures. In the longer term, it strikes this writer as only right and proper that both the old working and middle classes put aside their differences and work together to put these creatures firmly in their place.


09 July 2008
How you can tell that the war against Iraq isn't over yet
As I write, various wankbloggers and other assorted tosspots are proclaiming that the surge is working, victory is just around the corner and light can be seen at the end of the tunnel as far as the war against Iraq is concerned. The good thing about this collective wad shoot is that it means that the war will go on and a lot more occupiers will go home in boxes, but that means that the war against Iraq is far from over.

How do I know? That's easy - the guerrilla standard hasn't been raised over Baghdad yet and the collaborators are not dangling from lamp posts.

Look, the "strategic" victories that the warmongers are wanking over only exist in their little minds. There are no strategic victories in a war like this because the Iraqi team aren't fighting to hold territory. Their aim is to keep the war going until the foreign team gets sick of it all and goes home.

The various home players are changing their strategies and that accounts for the relative lull in the fighting. That said, the Iraqis still managed to cull 29 Americans last month, and God knows how many collaborators. Sadr is turning his militia into a cell-structured guerrilla force, very similar to the one that drove the French out of Algeria. That force may be getting advice from Hezbollah up in Lebanon because some of the attacks that they have recently mounted show all the hallmarks of professional training.

The point is that with a well-trained cadre of guerrillas fighters - say a couple of thousand or so - the Sadr boys can keep the war going pretty much forever. When the Americans do call it a day, then the militia can be reactivated to fight the civil war for control of the country, but for the moment, why bust a gut?

Like I said, this is not about territory, this is all about keeping the war going. If the Iraqis can do that then eventually they will win.


08 July 2008
Times starts anti-social worker campaign
Camilla Cavendish of the Times is running a series of articles all this week on the family courts and the social work filth that gains so much from them. Aside from the articles you are also being asked to write in anonymously if you have had experience of the social work filth interfering in your life. The aim is to see if there are geographical clusters where the filth have been at their most insolent. There is also an on-line form that you can use to register a protest with your MP, and a series of links are being created to campaigning groups.

Why has The Times started this campaign against the family courts? Well, your cynical Exile reckons that since most Times' readers work in the private sector it may have something to do with the sheer cost to those taxpayers of providing employment for the bovine lower middle class.

That's fine, and let's have one war at a time. We need to put aside our distaste for the Murdoch press - and the scabs who keep it going - as there are bigger fish to fry. It is our class that most comes under attack from these creatures, so let's all be nice to Camilla and help her do over the social work filth, shall we?


How to change the way that people think
Lets hope that your pre-school kids either don't go to a nursery group or are willing to eat any old muck if they do. If they turn their noses up at some unfamiliar foreign crap, then they are liable to be branded as racists and you are liable to have the social work filth knocking on your door.

Could anyone make this shit up? That is the recommendation of the National Children's' Bureau, which is funded to the tune of £12 million a year by the government. Obviously the NCB jobsworths have to justify that ludicrous amount of money somehow, and the report that they have just issued is part of that process. Equally obviously the social work filth are going to be wanking with glee as yet more power and yet more resources come their way. However, is it just about providing employment for lower-middle-class thickoes, or is something else happening in our country?

What seems to be happening is a drive to force people to think along certain lines and to force them to suppress internally any thoughts that go outside the prescribed limits. You are going to be liberal, runs the argument, and if you are not then we are damn well going to force you to become a nice, post-modern liberal.

This makes more sense, and will be a lot cheaper for the state, than the Thatcherite policy of brute repression. Forcing the miners back to work cost the state millions - how much nicer it would be if only the nasty working class stopped thinking all those nasty, plebeian thoughts and just accepted the post-modern way of doing things. That seems to be the train of thought and this policy seems to be part and parcel of that strategy.

Leading on from this, the political class has to finish the work that Thatcher began a generation ago. Her gang only managed to destroy the unions, but they left all the other autonomous organisations intact. The family, the sense of community and the churches have all come under fairly sustained attack over the past decade. The aim seems to be to break these bodies down precisely because they do not rely on the state for their support. In the case of the family, had those defence structures that strong family links provide not existed, then the miners would not have been able to withstand the state's onslaught for as long as they did during the Great Strike of 1984-85.

It is within this light that we should consider Nu-Labour's recent attacks on the Catholic Church. The church provides a whole set of structures from adoption and education to moral values that are outside the state's orbit and which run counter to the ideology that the state is trying to impose.

Hard though it may be for socialists to accept, we have to make common cause with bodies such as the Roman Church, not because we like them very much, but because the alternative is so very much worse. If the political class has its way then we, the working people of Britain, will be reduced to the level of Sparta's Helots. The state will decide what we need and its agents - the social work filth spring to mind - will be charged with ensuring that we get it. We will have no way of protesting because all the structures that we once used to organise our protests will have been dismantled.


07 July 2008
England's flag is racist say the police
You had better not have the English flag in your car, especially if you are driving through Wiltshire. Bob Smith was told to remove his by one copper as it might offend immigrants.

As the press have now got hold of the story, the cops are frantically backtracking vigorously and trying to deny that the incident even happened, which rather begs the question, what would this 18 year old have to gain by inventing a tale like that?

It looks to your friendly Exile as if some copper, probably bored out of his brains because there are no strikes to help break, decided to give grief to one working class lad. It's unlikely that the average lower middle class BNP friendly plod really gives a damn about what Johnny Foreigner thinks, but that won't stop him using the language of post-modern multi-culturalism for his own ends.

We know that the filth will use whatever means they can to give grief to people of our class, but it does annoy this writer that what used to be the working class party has given them the ideological tools to do the job.


Catholics may be the latest group to desert Nu-Labour
Nu-Labour is in political "meltdown" according to Alex Salmon, the Scottish First Minister. He has a point as Cllr George Ryan, who was widely expected to be the Labour candidate has withdrawn from the contest, leaving the party without a standard bearer and with less than three weeks to go before the polls open.

Cllr Ryan has claimed family problems as the reason for his withdrawal, but your cynical old Exile is dubious about that one. There are few problems that cannot be solved by the income that would arrive courtesy of the House of Commons' gravy train - something else is going on, so let's do some speculating about what that might be.

Glasgow East is not just a working class constituency, it is also a Catholic working class constituency. Now this has little to do with theology, but it does have an awful lot to do with tribal, intra-working-class identity. It is not about going to mass, but it is about how people define themselves and how their identities are proclaimed.

Nu-Labour has basically become the anti-Catholic party in the eyes of many people. As Jim Dobbin MP wrote:
There was the attempt by Alan Johnson, when education secretary, to force faith schools to take 25 per cent of non-believers. Then there was the adoption agency legislation to stop discrimination against gays and lesbians which finished up discriminating against the Catholic Church. Catholic adoption agencies are now closing. . . There are five million Catholics in the country. If the government think they can disregard even a small number of these voters then they are living in cloud cuckoo land.
The problem is that the post-modern Nu-Labour Party does think that it can disregard Catholics social issues in the same way that it felt that it could ignore traditional working class economic demands. The party just felt that since they did not believe in all that stuff then neither did anyone else - and if they did believe, well, they had nowhere else to go.

However, in Scotland, they do have somewhere else to go - they can dump the Labour Party and vote for the Scottish National Party who are now the favourites to win the seat.

This may be why George Ryan has decided not to contest the seat. He has seen the writing on the wall and doesn't want to be remembered as the man who lost Glasgow East. Far better to wait until the whole Nu-Labour wankfest is over and a new party has been created to represent the socially conservative, economically radical working class once again.

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05 July 2008
A second Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) upskirt
Hogwarts Academy may be a figment of authoress J.K. Rowling's imagination, but there is no doubting the magical powers of Emma Watson when it comes to bewitching all you upskirt fans out there. The Exile's stat-porn has been very satisfying ever since we published the first Hermione Granger upskirt photo last week. This suggests that another look at her upskirt charms is in order.

So here it is and there you go. The usual rules apply for all you Emma Watson upskirt fans: just click on the photo and watch the magic happen.


Nu-Labour - Nu-Britain

Credit where credit is due to Harry's Place for giving the head's up to this one. A man was videoing on a London street when two community support officers decided to give him grief. One of them can barely speak English and his mate looks fucking retarded to me.

Eventually they give up and take their hooks, but this is Nu-Labour Britain today. A land where foreigners and their mongish mates give orders, all brought to you by that same party that Harry's Place supports so enthusiastically.


04 July 2008
Post 1,000
I just thought that you might like to know that what you are reading is my 1,000th posing at The Exile. I started the blog back in October 2005 and almost three years later I am still plugging away with it.

In those days the war against Iraq took up an awful lot of postings, but since Britain largely dropped out of the conflict, my interest in it has waned. The fact that Iraq and the USA are still going at it hammer and tongue isn't something that interests me greatly. The thought of two such nasty shitholes tearing each other to bits was fun for a while, but then more important things came on the horizon.

Helping in my own small way to stick the boot into Nu-Labour and its fairly loathsome ideology is something that the blog does a lot of these days. I suspect that this will continue for a while, until something else comes along that takes my interest.

One thing that is unlikely to change is my atavistic dislike of the pompous, the ideologically pure at heart and the lower middle class with their pathetic, status driven desires. I shall continue to taunt them and sit back with a smile on my lips when those prime mongs rise to my bait.

The Exile is my toy, when all's said and done.
Glasgow East should mark the end of Nu-Labour
All being well we can start the funeral oration for Nu-Labour on the 25th of this month. It should be in the early hours of the morning on that day when the results of the Glasgow East by-election will be in, and the seat looks set to fall to the Scottish National Party.

Unlike Henley, which was a safe Tory seat, and Crewe and Nantwich, a seat that could be marginal in a bad year for Labour, Glasgow East is the third safest Labour seat in the whole of Scotland. In 1997 it returned a Labour MP with 66% of the vote, a share that still remained at almost 61% in 2005. How on earth could this seat fall?

Turnout is part of the answer. In 1997 62% turned out to vote, but by 2005 that had fallen to just 48%. As we saw in Crewe, it is the traditional Labour voters who are now refusing to be voting fodder for the Nu-Labour middle class machine.

In Glasgow East the SNP are the main challengers, but the great Tommy Sheridan might throw his hat into the ring as well. Sheridan was the man who led Scottish opposition to the Tory Poll Tax in the late 1980s, and in spite of his legal problems he is still a man who commands a lot of respect north of the border. Besides, those problems are mainly due to a spot of extra-curricular shagging and the Murdoch press. Neither of those are going to hold him back in that part of the world. He won't win the seat, but he might just allow the SNP an easy and comfortable majority.

In many ways Glasgow East represents this writer's Britain in microcosm. As the Spectator points out, official unemployment stands at just over 6%, but if you factor in the hidden unemployment that comes from long-term sickness benefit claimants and single parents, then the figure jumps to half the workforce.

Once upon a time the Labour Party existed to represent those people, but now it ships in immigrants by the bucketload to keep wages low, and to take all and every available job. The contempt that Nu-Labour demonstrates for the class that gave it birth by that policy alone is breathtaking, but when we add in the fact that everything that the party says and does is aimed with an eye to the so-called aspirational vote, then we can see that there is nothing that remains in that party for us.

In spite of these factors, and as we have pointed out before, Nu-Labour could probably have got away with all this, given the benefits payments and the fact that most working class people don't read party statements, but where they really fucked up was by turning that same aspirational set of cockroaches loose on us. By building them up as our colonial administrators, Nu-Labour virtually guaranteed its own demise. The point here is that we as a class could live with the mill owners because they were remote figures who did not feature in people's day to day lives. It was the foremen and under-managers that everyone loathed. Today their spiritual descendants are the social work filth, council officials and general pen-pushing scum.

In spite of everything, Glasgow East is a big catch for any opposition to take. Nevertheless, if it falls from Nu-Labour's grasp, then we can start to celebrate the demise of that most loathsome organisation that acts to ensure that we remain powerless and poor for ever.

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03 July 2008
Introducing Fartman!

If you enjoyed my memories of "Good-Arse" Higgins the other day, then you will just love this video. Just click to start and then sit back and prepare to piss yourself laughing. I have no idea who Fartman is, but the man is a star!


Air hostess upskirt, Stephanie the stripping stewardess and poor little Paretner
Hands up all those who remember Paretner from way back in February. Hmm, not a one of you... OK, Paretner is a pilot's squeeze who got annoyed because this blog sang the praises of the luscious Stephanie, the stripping French air hostess who was flashing her knockers all over the web. So annoyed was she that she actually wrote to me to express her displeasure - which gave me an extra laugh when I saw the e-mail signature had been rendered as "Paretner of a Pilot".

God knows what she would have said had the Ellen Simonetti photos been on this blog then, because that makes at least two air hostesses who like to flaunt their assets. Anyway, I suspected that what was getting Paretner's goat was the thought that her pilot might be encouraging an air stewardess to strip just as Stephanie's pilots had with her. Or taking photos of her as a pilot had with the lovely Ellen. Or was just amusing himself after a long-haul by giving a long poke to a nice little air hostess - maybe one just like the girl pictured on the left. (If you are an air stewardess upskirt fan, just click on the image to enlarge to full size.)

Paretner seems to be suffering from the same insecurities today as she was back in February, at least if this posting is anything to go by. In fact, she seems to want to get the retaliation in first - just in case he is providing extra-curricular training of the horizontal kind to his air stewardesses.

Paretner, my sweet, you must calm down. I am sure that your man is more or less faithful. At least when he is with you.

People, you really would need a heart of stone not to laugh out loud at the bimbos of this world and their insecurities.


02 July 2008
Haltemprice & Howden stooge candidate identified
Last week your friendly Exile speculated idly if Jill Saward was the Nu-Labour stooge candidate for the Haltemprice & Howden by-election. Given that Nu-Labour has declined to stand in this race - probably for fear that they would be seriously humiliated - a Martin Bell type stooge struck this writer as the next best option. Looking through the list of candidates, Jill Saward seemed the most likely option to be the Nu-Labour spoiler, and lo and behold it looks like the Exile scored a bullseye with that one.

The Guardian started to let the cat out of the bag when it reported that Jill Saward "would not say who was urging her to stand. But it is known that Labour is very keen for a high-profile candidate to challenge Davis." The fact that Miss Saward was a relative unknown until the Guardian began to talk up her candidacy was, of course, not remarked upon in that piece.

The Nu-Labour wankblogs have started cheering on her candidacy, starting with Luke Akehurst and the Harry's Place crew. That doesn't prove anything, of course, but proof is unlikely to be forthcoming in the short term, anyway. What we can conclude with certainty is that if both Akehurst and Harry's Place are for something, then the rest of us can just stop wondering where the fishy smell is coming from.

As for Jill Saward, the fact that she will not tell us who is supporting her candidacy, leaves her open to the quite reasonable charge that she is the Nu-Labour candidate in disguise. On that basis alone this writer hopes that she loses her deposit.
01 July 2008
What is envy?
Yeah, you've guessed it - another quiet night at Exile Hall.