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03 June 2008
Why I fight, by UKSecretCourts

This is a guest posting by UKSecretCourts, an anti-social worker activist based in Wales. She uses video for her campaigning, and her work can be watched at this link.

The social work industry is unaccountable in the UK and that is doubly true for their child protection wing. On their word alone, you can be unlawfully arrested and then held in custody. You may find that hard to believe, and you may say that the police would be impartial, and that they would check the evidence before they acted. However, I am sorry to say that impartiality and checking of evidence is not regarded as important in the social work state.

The social work industry did all that to me, in defiance of the court orders that applied in my case. They contacted Abertillery police and had them arrest me in my nightgown at 10.30 pm one night. I tried to tell the police that I had court orders on my side, and all they said was:

"Yeah, well you would say that, wouldn't you?"

So I got to spend a night in the cells. My solicitors were outraged, and by midnight they were screaming at the police that the whole thing was unlawful. The police began to look very confused indeed, especially when they were shown the Crown Prosecution Service letters from CAFCASS, signed by the very officer who had then ordered the police to arrest me, to say nothing of my Court Orders.

The CPS got scared and dropped the charges against me. That's what happens when you fall foul of the social work industry and their dirty tactics. The aim is to intimidate you, so that you obey their every whim.

Dai Davies, my MP, put down an Early Day Motion, to end the secrecy that surrounds my case, so that I can speak about what happened without the gagging order that is currently in place. So far 35 MPs have signed that EDM.

By the spring of this year I began to receive messages via my YouTube page from fathers' rights activists. They are begging me "please keep in touch, we don't want to lose you." You see, now and for the first time, women are speaking up. That frightens the social workers because women are seen as more pliable.

If I am vocal, then something magical happens. Both men and women turn on child protection for the first time. We are still different armies, the men and the women, but we fight as one military and towards one aim, the destruction of the secret courts and an end to rule by the social work industry.

My work only really began this year, but already social workers' fora are discussing it. They seem to think that I am a leader and that I have associates working for me. It does not require a genius to figure out that I am nothing more than an angry mother, but that idea seems to be beyond the capabilities of this semi-educated band. I'm starting to be a thorn in their side, my work slowly filtering through into that of the fathers' rights activists, who are staggered at what I have to say.

As I sat in that police cell, I vowed to myself, that if Nelson Mandela could serve almost 30 years in Prison, then so could I.

Better that than tamely surrender to those creatures of the night.



Keep fighting the liars by exposing them with your fantastic videos, good on you!

Love Zoomy

3 June 2008 at 16:38  


4 June 2008 at 12:10  

Back again I see, you little maggot. Here for 25 minutes, but you didn't have the balls to leave a comment at the "Social work filth gets angry" posting, did you?

Yesterday you were commenting, but today you just leave a silly string of letters.

Posts anonymously - why do you do that? No balls I suppose. Like all your class. No balls for the ruck.

Have you any idea how much I am going to enjoy the coming weeks and month? I just pray that it is going to be months.

4 June 2008 at 13:28  

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