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06 June 2008
When you come to the end of a perfect week...

By my arse this has been a good week! In gloating triumph I'm posting Hasta Siempre, as sung by the drop-dead gorgeous, to say nothing of seriously shaggable, Nathalie Cardone.

As most of you will know, it all started on Saturday when I got involved with a bunch of social work shit on their unintentionally hilarious website. As you also know, one of those prime pillocks, then decided to smear me right there on the site. So on Monday a complaint was put in to the General Social Care Council and with luck Britain will soon have one lump of social work shit less polluting the air that every bugger has to breath.

However, the best is still to come. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a certain social worker, pledging support for Sean French. Yes, there was this git, large as life, telling French that he should be supported!

The daft thing about this is that his e-mail was sent to me by accident, as he obviously clicked the wrong button on his computer. Come on, what do you expect? These people are just not that bright.

Now the social workers who run the Community Care site are a bit more on the ball. When they deleted the thread that had contained the libel, I wrote to them and said that even though the libellous posting had been edited, their action could be seen by the General Social Care Council as an attempt to remove evidence. I could almost hear the arseholes clench, and within hours that thread was back as if nothing had happened. Now that's the type of lower middle class arewipes that I like! Quiet, respectful, and without an uppity bone in their bodies. Kick their arses and they bounce agreeably in the right direction.

As for that poor fool who doesn't understand computers very well, I am sure that he realises his mistake by now, and if he doesn't then his gaffers will surely point it out to him. Just as soon as I send them the information that is...

In the meantime, enjoy Nathalie's video and think pleasant thoughts about a country that stood scabby little types against a wall almost half a century ago.

Hasta la victoria siempre, compañeros. Hasta la victoria siempre.



Good work mate! Very good work! Save money - sack all social workers!

6 June 2008 at 08:21  

They sent you the email?
They actually sent you the email?

That is just too good to be true!

9 June 2008 at 17:10  

Yup, indeed he did. What a mong.

9 June 2008 at 18:34  

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