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30 June 2008
What is blogging??
What is blogging? Roy Greenslade over in the Guardian dismisses the notion that it is little more than an "ego trip," or "a form of anarchy" and comes down firmly on the side of those who see it as a type of community discussion between bloggers and their readers.

This particular blogger is dubious about that community idea, if only because so many bloggers actually censor what is written in their comment boxes. In other words what they are after is not a free flowing discussion of a posting's worth, but an echo chamber, in which the commentators tell the blogger what a fine fellow he is. What criticisms that are allowed are usually set within narrowly defined limits that are set by the blogger.

So what is blogging? It is clearly a publishing process, but one that owes more to the pre-nineteenth century tradition of the political pamphleteer than it does to the tradition of the newspaper that covers all the news that its readers will want.

Each blogger has his own agenda, just as the old pamphleteers had theirs, but unlike them the blogger can interact with other bloggers who have different agendas, but whose aims will coincide at certain points.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Back in 1999 I supported Yugoslavia, as was, against the western aggression that was unleashed upon her. I didn't particularly care that it was Yugoslavia, it mattered only that someone, somewhere, was standing up to the forward march of globalisation. When I began to blog in 2005 I naturally continued to support Serbia. This brought me into contact with Neil Clark - who knows a lot more about that part of the world than I ever will - and through him, the Serb nationalist blogs. So here you have a British socialist, who links up to another socialist and together they connect loosely to a group of Serbian patriots. The final aim of both sets of blogs is obviously different, but everyone knows that at the moment we can work together on the basis of a shared policy.

So it is with Mothers for Justice and UKSecretCourts. I began blogging about the social work filth fairly recently. It is obvious to any socialist that capitalism cannot be destroyed so long as it can rely on a large parasitic middle class for support. Fighting the whole class is a loser's game, so I chose one element of it to target. The social work filth just drew the short straw because I guessed, rightly as it turned out, that just about everybody loathed them, albeit for different reasons, and thus I would find a ready audience for my bile.

As it turned out I got rather more than that as my writings brought me into contact with campaigning groups like Mothers for Justice, video makers such as UKSecretCourts and even libertarians who want to privatise the state. All of these groups and individuals have different motivations and different ends in mind. However we come together on this issue and so far we have all worked quite happily in each other's company.

From Serbia to teaching pathetic little lower middle class scrotes that their puerile little poly degrees do not give them the status that they crave - it's all pretty eclectic, isn't it?

It is indeed, it's about having a series of interlinking blogs and websites, all with their own agendas, and then some coming together at specific times over specific issues.

To me that is what blogging is all about.

Blogging is the essence of "free speech".

The cornerstone of any democracy and the first attack base for a dictatorship.

Keep up the good work!

30 June 2008 at 17:33  

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