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05 June 2008
Time to laugh at the social work industry

I've had enough of being sweet to lumps of social work shit. No more Mr Nice Exile for me - it's time we got down to some serious business.

I am sick and tired of highlighting individual cases of malpractice on the part of these insolent little turds. Let's debate the social work industry as a whole, and ask ourselves why the people of Britain continue to shell out their taxes, year in and year out, to keep unproductive, parasitic dross like this on the gravy train?

Partly the answer lies in the make-up of the Nu-Labour Party and its councillors and MPs. As I have argued before, Nu-Labour is basically the voice of the under-worked, over-paid council employee - especially the social work filth.

However, another reason is that we do not do a very good job of getting the message out that UK public squalor is a direct result of millions of pounds being spent on social work dross.

Let's treat them with the contempt that they deserve and get people laughing at them. Mocking laughter is one of the most potent weapons in the political arsenal, so let's give the buggers plenty to be humiliated about.

Take this new video by UKSecretCourts. It only runs for 40 seconds and it is brilliant. Drop me a line if you want a version to play on your mobile 'phone and I will send it to you free, gratis and for nothing.

All I ask is that you pass it around to your mates and upload it all over the web.



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