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04 June 2008
Social work filth gets angry: Exile enjoys the show
We have been having a fun week at The Exile, we have indeed!

It all started on Sunday when UKSecretcourts gave me a link to a site where various social work types reassure one another that they are very important indeed. The fact that their prose tends to the semi-literate just makes the whole site even more hilarious for the casual visitor. Take this heartfelt plea from one of their number as a case in point:
I qualified last year on the MA program which is 2 years. Attendance on my course was by some students was very bad and out of 27 students we regularly had only between 5 and 10 attending in our final year. This was not addressed and how they learnt enough to qualify is a mystery to me.
Where to begin with that one! I think that I'll just content myself by pointing out that they got through because it wasn't really an M.A. You can tell that because higher degrees are by research in the UK. Unless you are at some old poly that has been allowed to degrade the name of university, of course. Then you probably do have to follow a programme, even if they don't teach you how to spell the word properly.

Enough of this merry banter. Your friendly Exile left a few comments, as was reported on Sunday at this very blog. Whereupon all hell broke loose...

One lump of social work filth, a creature that answers to the name of Sean French, posted an hilarious stream of conciousness that is far too long to reproduce here, but then he got so angry he posted an accusation that I am a child molester...

Dear, dear me.

Mothers' for Justice has claimed for a long time that members of the the social work filth use lies and smears to force people to obey them and to silence all criticism. They were right, weren't they? That is exactly what these creatures do.

As for Sean French, all the documentation has been sent to the General Social Care Council, which registers over-ambitious, bovine dross as members of the social work industry. With luck, we might be able to get this creature struck off the register.

Things are obviously getting dirty, which is good, because I am now in my element. However, let's just think about why the social work filth responded in this way. Had I tried my mockery and contempt on army officers, barristers or surgeons, say, they would have just ignored me. People who belong to the true professional groupings are relaxed and confident about both themselves and their membership of a particular professional caste.

The same cannot be said of the social work filth who demand that status for themselves; indeed, the lack of that recognition is one of the things that they whine about on their pathetic little website. However, such recognition will never be accorded to a grasping collection of lower middle class vermin with their puerile little poly degrees.

That's what got them so incandescent with rage and that is why they hit out in that way. I just brought them face to face with the reality of what they are.



That is social workers all over. It happens to people every day. We don't need them, do we?

That cunt Sean French needs a good kicking.

4 June 2008 at 11:34  

SFrench, the social worker from hell.

Assumptions, assumptions. With a qualification like a DIPSW, that actually makes Dr. Lynne Wrennall a SOCIAL WORKER. You also assume that I do not have academic qualifications, which I do and guess what, they are POST GRADUATE and all in the area of child protection and social work. I also lecture pre and post qualified social workers. I'm sure you'll find some equally inappropriate comment to make about that.
*Please note, that this 'academic Dr' is based at Liverpool John Moores University which ranks 85th out of 101 in the Times Online University League tables. The research quality is scored as 1.2 out of a possible 7. After watching this, it is no surprise. What she is saying has no evidence base whatsoever except that she may have asked various individuals about their experiences of social workers. Her 'evidence' should be treated with extreme caution.
Now, from a doctor, that's not very diplomatic is it?

My compliments to the Social Worker from Hell!

4 June 2008 at 17:06  

Sean French should mind his manners. E's been a very naughty boy, going around accusing decent folks of child abuse.

Sean French should look in the mirror before he starts throwing wild accusations like that around. After all, SS don't really have that good a reputation regarding caring for vunerable children, do they?

Sean French better mind his P's and Q's from now on.


4 June 2008 at 17:55  

He doesn't have a Phd. He holds a BA from somewhere or other, and a Dip.HE, again from God knows where. Post graduate stuff is probably his Dip.SW.

Funnily enough on the page where I read this guff he had written his degree as BA (Hons) which is a dead give away to a poly-wallah. Basically if you are Russell Group then you don't bother writing the Hons bit because those universities give out so few pass degrees.

To be fair what it's like today is anyone's guess. I can remember when Oriel College, Oxford, had a thing about PPE firsts and upper seconds. If you were on course for a third they would sling you out. Yet a friend wrote to me the other day and said that anyone can get into there today.

4 June 2008 at 18:40  

So it's just a bog standard degree.

He's a right piece of works isn't he!

I'll just go buy a Phd off Ebay, I think they're going for about £20.

Then I'll write and blogg under Dr Anonymous, Phd. With my POSTGRADUATE QUALIFICATION, ALL IN the area of child protection and social work.

He's a real upstart.

5 June 2008 at 13:31  

Naah, sub, rather than bog, standard.

OK, the leading universities are grouped in the Russell Group. They are Oxbridge, London and the redbricks. Oxford is always near the top and Cardiff near the bottom, but they are still part of that first division.

Then you get the second division which consists of the glassplate universities. Places like Lancaster. The dons are good, but the students tend not to be.

Below all that is the third division dross. Places that were allowed to call themselves universities thanks to John Major and a government that was pressured by the middle class parents of bovine youngsters who didn't want little Jeremy going to a poly.

That's where the social work filth go to get their degrees.

5 June 2008 at 19:26  

I read your comments with interest. This really is an enlightening site for so many reasons; however Social Work degrees are offered by all Russell Group Universities and most of the Redbrick institutions.

Many post 1960 and 1992 Institutions offer the degree too and the Open University also offers the course.

I just felt that the point needed to be made that social work as an academic subject is not confined to post 1992 institutions that would have been former Polytechnics or HE colleges and all courses are registered and approved by the GSCC at all sites offering it and each institution have their own selection methods which include any previous acadmic achievements, written exams and often more than one interview. The Russell Groups and Redbricks tend to have higher thresholds as with all of their subjects as they want to attract the best students.

I saw your posts re: donations and I hope that your financial situation isn't too difficult for long and that you can get some work with a company that isn't going to endanger your life with unsafe vehicles!

17 August 2008 at 19:27  

I went to Uni with this guy and we both went to a Russell Group University although we read different subjects.


2 October 2008 at 19:49  

Did you indeed? Then why was it so easy for me to wind the little cunt up? As I said in my posting, if I had tried that wheeze on with anyone serious they would have been either bemused or would have ignored me.

I scored a hit which I am rather proud of because I basically got the buggers bang to rights.


3 October 2008 at 01:23  

Hmm, I have just seen the 17th August posting which told me something that I didn't know, namely that real universities are now offering social work degrees. A pity, but there you go. Is that what this little maggot did? A social work degree? I note that you didn't actually tell me what it was, so I'll assume that it was that.

I see that you are from Dudley in the Midlands which is roughly where our little friend is based. I also seem to remember that he used Blueyonder as his ISP when he was sniffing around here - and that is your ISP as well.

Given all these connections that you two seem to have maybe you could give the lad a message? Tell him that as far as I am concerned there is only one thing better than a good fuck and that is fucking with some lower middle class cunt like you.

3 October 2008 at 01:35  

Sorry, I meant to say like him. Of course I did.

3 October 2008 at 01:38  

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