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27 June 2008
Nu-Labour stooge for Haltemprice & Howden?
Excuse the cynicism, but has Nu-Labour found itself a stooge candidate for the Haltemprice & Howden by-election. That was my first reaction when I read that Jill Saward has thrown her hat into the ring, an act which brings the number of declared candidates to a massive 26.

The reasons why I suspect that Jill Saward is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of Nu-Labour Plc are to be found on her web site. She talks about a "phoney by-election," and claims that David Davis is opposed to the DNA register. He isn't, he just believes that people who have been acquitted of the charges that they faced should have their DNA records destroyed.

Of course the fact that Jill Saward comes over as a Nu-Labour Dictaphone does not mean that she is a genuine stooge. It could be that she just happens to trot out the Nu-Labour line by accident.

However, the party does have previous form when it comes to running candidates like this. Martin Bell was a case in point, as the Campbell Diaries, as well as the comments of other Nu-Labour insiders, proved.

The point about a stooge is not that he or she has to behave like a puppet, they just have to act in the interests of the puppet master. In the case of Bell, his criticisms of the Blair government were neither here nor there because Nu-Labour knew that it couldn't ever win the Tatton constituency. So what it helped arrange, courtesy of Martin Bell, was that the Tories lost it.

It looks as if Jill Saward may come into that category as one of Nu-Labour's useful idiots. She won't be able to take the seat, but will have put forward Nu-Labour's nasty agenda without the party having to run itself. We will know once Nu-Labour people start gloating if these suspicions are correct.

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