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13 June 2008
Nu-Labour: lower than cockroaches
I really should go to bed but since Nu-Labour is busy writing its suicide note I thought that it was all too good to pass up on. As I reported in my last posting, a Nu-Labour hack named Luke Akehurst is having his nuts slow roasted over his suggestion that:
Maybe instead of Labour fielding a candidate in Haltemprice & Howden we should find a Martin Bell type candidate - preferably a recently retired senior police officer, or a survivor or relative of a victim of a terrorist attack, to run under the following 5 word candidate description: "Independent - for detaining terrorism suspects".
It was the "we" bit that first caught my eye, because that is the bit that suggests to the neutral observer that what this pillock really wants is a Nu-Labour stooge candidate.

Anyway, all hell is now breaking loose all across the web. A survivor of the 7/7 attacks in London named Rachel has weighed in to say that she "spits at his repellent idea", and if you think that's a bit rough you really should have a look at the rest of the comments.

Not to be outdone, lots of other buggers are also getting stuck in. The Libertarian Party in a posting headed "Lift a stone, find a Labour activist," called the idea "repulsive". Little Luke got so vewy angwy that he left a comment which simply said: "fuck you lot". It's so nice to see Nu-Labour toadies getting all hot and bothered, it really fucking is.

Later on today when people wake up is when the fun should really start. I must be honest and say that watching Nu-Labour hung out to dry is very, very entertaining.

Update, 15 June 2008, 3.00am

The little spaz is really losing it now. "Come round to my place and say that to my face," says Luke, who is hard, isn't he? Aye, hard as shit and twice as manky. I just love it when middle class pretty boys get upset I really do.



My idea for "Hard man" Luke would be, if he ran against David Davies himself...

Stooge candidate and all that!!!

And what bigger "Stooge" than a brain dead zombie like himself..

All he's managed to do here, is get right on the t**s of anti nu liebour bloggers everywhere..

And from this moment on.... his inverted commas "Blog" will be scrutinised and attacked at every given opportunity....

Heres the type of blogger that I mean, by my above comments...


15 June 2008 at 10:37  

He won't because he is too closely tied to Nu-Lab. The party needs a genuine stooge, and that means someone who is not a member.

15 June 2008 at 18:06  

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