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10 June 2008
Military victories for the west will only lead to final defeat
War, goes the old adage of Carl Von Clausewitz, is the continuation of politics by other means. What he meant by that is that war is not an act of random violence, like a street fight. Rather it is about one state trying to force another to accept its will. Normally that is the job of the diplomatic service, but good old Carl reminded us that when the statesmen fail, then the soldiers will carry out the states' tasks. War therefore is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfil our will, as Clausewitz also wrote. Say what you like about him, he had a pithy way with words.

This being so, how close are the western powers to enforcing their will on Iraq and Afghanistan? The point here is that unless they can force those two countries to behave as they wish, all the western military victories in the world will not win them the wars. In that case it will be true to say that the western aggressors will victory themselves to final defeat.

In the case of Iraq, the war against that country is now basically an American adventure. Washington has set up a puppet regime, but that regime seems to have realised that the Americans need them just as much as they need the Americans. Hence the politicians in Baghdad have started refusing America's demands. The latest example came only the other day when the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced that Iraq would not allow its territory to be used for an American attack on Iran.

The Iraqi government seem to have realised that the USA will support them for fear of getting someone else that is even worse in power if they fall. The result of this means that America's freedom of action is severely curtailed, and that means that they are losing the war, since war is all about enforcing one state's will over another.

Outside Baghdad's Green Zone, the Americans either have to bribe their way around the Sunni country, or batter against a Shia door that is held by militias who loath the Shia collaborationists who are the nominal government. Of course the American forces can push the door open, whereupon all the militias do is vanish back into civilian life until the American forces leave the area.

To put Iraq in a nutshell, the Americans have to move around the country with large amounts of dollars or fire-power, in defence of a government that they installed and which they cannot fully control. If this is America's idea of a victory, your friendly Exile can't wait to see what a defeat looks like.

Afghanistan is even more ludicrous in execution as here we have British politicians and military commanders telling us how swimmingly everything is going. In that benighted land the British - who are now fighting their Fourth Afghan War, are no longer engaged in small scale battles with the Afghan tribesmen. They have reverted back to what they know best and are fighting a war of ambushes and roadside bombs, all enlivened with the new threat of the suicide bomber.

Can anyone really claim with a straight face that the war in Afghanistan is being won? The Afghans could continue at this level for decades to come, and probably will unless pressure from the British people forces the government to change course.

The point here is that whatever government the British, et al, do leave behind when they eventually call it a day will probably last as long as most of the other governments that the western powers have installed by the bayonet down the years. Rather less, come to think about it, given the almost total lack of legitimacy that the regime in Kabul has beyond the city's walls.

So, enjoy your victories, you warmongers. Just remember that final defeat will follow the final victory.

Iraq was a poor, third world country, with few trained soldiers, and even fewer weapons.

Iran is a totally different scenario - she is no pushover Iraq.
She has weapons and fighter jets. Putin for the past 12 months has told Iran to Arm, Arm, Arm, and Arm again.

We are total arseholes if we go into Iran.

Even the CIA says Iran is a "high probability - not possiblity, but probability of being a Nuclear war".

We are total arseholes if we go into Iran.

Bush is an arsehole to even suggest it.

10 June 2008 at 08:45  

Bush has destroyed America.
You can tell, as the American's are fast becoming Europeans. **hoots with laughter**

The creation of the European Union and its thriving economy is very appealing for Americans in a global economy.

"With an EU passport, I can live and work in 27 countries," said Suzanne Mulvehill of Lake Worth. "With a U.S. passport, I can live and work in one."

Americans can claim citizenship in any of the 27 European countries that are in the EU based on the nationality of their parents, or in some cases, grandparents and great-grandparents. Citizenship in one of those countries allows you to live and work in any EU nation.

Since the United States doesn't keep statistics on dual citizens, it's impossible to know exactly how many people have applied for citizenship in Europe. But it's estimated that more than 40 million Americans are eligible for dual citizenship, and a growing number of Americans want to try their luck elsewhere.

Mulvehill, the Lake Worth entrepreneur trainer, taught a course at Lynn University and encouraged her students to obtain dual citizenship if they were eligible.

"Expand your possibilities. If you can get citizenship, why not?" she said. "The world is a bigger place than America.

Ireland, Italy and Greece are among the most lenient in terms of letting an individual claim citizenship not just from a parent but from a grandparent or possibly a great-grandparent.

Eric Hammerle, a Vero Beach resident whose father was born in Germany, said it was easy for him and his 16-year-old son Nick to become German citizens.

They acquired the necessary documents - birth, marriage and death certificates - and took them to the German consulate in Miami.

"The whole process took about 20 minutes," Hammerle said. "They read over the documents, came back and said, 'Congratulations, Germany has two new citizens.' It was a fee of $85."


Well done Bush, you're destroyed America! Your citizens are returning to their Third generation European Identities.

10 June 2008 at 09:07  

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