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02 June 2008
Let's use the social work filth to rally the tribe
Starting tomorrow The Exile will run a series of guest postings by UKSecretCourts, the nom de guerre of a young Welsh agitvideo maker. Most of her postings will involve a video that you will be able to watch here, along with an explanation to ram her message home.

If you tune in tomorrow for the first offering you will find out why UKSecretCourts loathes the social work filth, but why am I providing space for her videos here?

The quick answer is that she is a very good video maker and I want her work to get as wide an exposure as possible. However, that is only part of the answer.

Socialism is built out of the wreckage of capitalism. However, the days when working class people had the economic muscle to hold the capitalist state to ransom have clearly gone, so how can we even irritate the state, given those circumstances? Obviously we need to rethink our strategies.

Capitalism cannot survive without a large parasitic middle class that acts as a buffer between the working class and the owners of capital. This middle class is given rewards by capitalism for its loyalty, and its members enjoy having us to look down on. However, as a class it is weak, and open to attack on many fronts. If that class could be damaged then capitalism itself would be damaged. At the very least, one could envisage a situation where the likes of Rupert Murdoch suddenly decided that it was in their interests to dump that class and seek new arrangements with ours. At best, the sky would be the limit for our class. It all depends on how badly we can degrade those parasitic lumps of shit that go under the generic name of middle class.

As far as those creatures who work in the private sector are concerned, then their time will come, but not yet. We cannot fight a group over whom we have no economic or political leverage. However, that is not the case as far as the middle class scum who are employed by local government is concerned.

This brings me, in a roundabout sort of way to the social work filth. The stories about them are legion - and most working class people loathe, despise and fear them. If those creatures did not exist then they would have to be invented because as targets for working class action they are that perfect.

To make matters even nicer, they are also despised by the middle class proper who tend to work in the private sector. Partly this is due to the fact that the taxes paid by that group help to provide the wages for the highly unproductive social work industry, but it is also due to the sheer effrontery of the industry's members. Just click on this link if you want to know what I mean and consider the number of times that the social work filth who are writing there use the word professional, or one of its derivatives.

The point here is that true professionals don't need to announce their status at every opportunity. However, scabby little slags with their pathetic poly degrees and their equally pathetic demands for status do - and that is another good reason why we might be able to count on allies in this battle.

Obviously the alliance would only be tactical, as our aim is to destroy an entire class. That said, wouldn't it be wonderful if, with just a little prodding from us, the middle class started to fight a civil war? We could just sit in the pub, throw the beer down the necks, and watch the show.

So, having been given this group who consume resources that we as a class need for ourselves, we would be fools if we did not take advantage of the situation by using them to rally our own people to battle.

Let's have the fuckers, in other words.

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I am not a socialist, but thanks for your honesty about your views. I think that a lot of people will actually agree with your aims, even though your long term aims are obviously different.

As for me, I just object to paying my taxes to keep clowns like that in clover. If people commit a crime then the police should prosecute them for that crime.

As for social workers, I say either privatise the lot of them or just make them redundant.

2 June 2008 at 05:24  

Fine, and thanks for your comment. It really doesn't matter why you support this idea of destroying the social work industry, because I suspect that everyone will have a different answer to that anyway.

What matters is that we all work to that end. I can smell a victory in the offing.

2 June 2008 at 08:35  

I can't abide corruption, child abuse, torture or cruelty of any kind. So I 100% support you for what you are doing to expose these vile scumbags who are pretending that they are child protectors but really they are smashing up families and committing all manner of human rights abuses.

Keep up the good work Exile - you're doing a grand job!


3 June 2008 at 16:47  

I have heard that cancer is caused by holding anger....maybe you should think about that....sounds to me like you had your kids taken away or had to flee so they were not....figures

4 June 2008 at 00:27  

The comment above this one was made by Sean French, or one of his mates.

I have your ISP tracked and the comment will go before the GCSS along with all you other old wank.

You see how it works, people? Criticise the social work filth and this is how they respond. It is all that they can do, because they know that we are on to them.

4 June 2008 at 00:44  

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