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16 June 2008
The Davis Strategy: another nail in Nu-Labour's coffin
All across the web we are reading hundreds of comments from people who loath the Tories and cannot believe that they are going to support David Davis. They have a point, because for millions of us the thought of voting Tory makes our flesh crawl. That said, if we look at the Davis Affair in the context of the ongoing realignment in British politics, what is happening starts to make perfect sense.

One of the signs that a realignment is under way is a volatility within the political parties, as they cast around for policies that will bolster their positions. The Davis strategy seems to have as its aim, at least in part, a drive to recover those liberal middle class voters who deserted the Tory Party when it was led by Thatcher. Most went off into the Liberal-Democrat camp until Blair tempted them into the Nu-Lab tent in time for the 1997 election. They are the group that is most outraged by Nu-Labour's drive to intern all and sundry for 42 days without charge. It is highly likely, therefore, that Davis will bring them back into the Tory fold, which let's face it, is where they probably feel most at home.

For its part, Nu-Labour is desperately threshing about looking for policies that will bring back the lost working class voters. The problem that they have is that they cannot raise taxes to do it, because that would only encourage their remaining middle class voters to abandon the party even faster than they are doing so already.

So the governing party is trying to tempt them back on the cheap - which is what this legislation is all about. The problem is that this strategy is predicated upon the notion that working class people are stupid enough to forget that they have now been treated with contempt for over a decade. Sadly for Nu-Labour the voting figures do not agree with that notion.

To put things in a nutshell, the Tories will recover their lost voters and Nu-Labour will continue along the path to extinction.

Once the putrid corpse of Nu-Labour has been consigned to its grave, then the new parties and groups that are already being formed can be expected to unite under one banner. Once that happens the realignment will be complete and the normal balance of party politics will have been restored.



The Independent movement is gaining ground.

We want and admire MP's that stand their ground for civil rights.

Not bow to the party whip.

16 June 2008 at 11:08  

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