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13 June 2008
David Davis makes Nu-Labour cringe
David Davis the Tory shadow Home Secretary has resigned his seat in the commons and will fight a by-election over the vote to extend detention without charge to 42 days.

The main result of this for us is that we get to sit back and watch whilst various types tell us how meaningless this gesture is. Unfortunately for them, the commentators at their postings tend not to agree with this line. As for Davis himself, he wrote a piece for the Guardian and support for his stand seems pretty solid, and that amongst the Guardian's readers to boot. One prime Nu-Labour spaz even suggested that someone - presumably Nu-Labour HQ - should run a stooge, pro-detention candidate, and is being thoroughly roasted for it as I write.

The government has been after a 42 day detention period for some time, but the way this has been handled is a quite wonderful new nail in their coffin. Deals that were cut with various parliamentary factions to get the vote through have only succeeded in making the government look even more sleazy than it did already.

David Davis by way of contrast is coming over in the public eye as a man of principle, who is prepared to put that principle above his parliamentary career. When he is returned to the Commons in three weeks, he will be one of the few MPs who can claim to speak for ideology and principle with a straight face. He will make Nu-Labour's pretty boys look very small indeed.



It's like the Hitchhikers Guide to Detention.

42 days without charge gets you £42,000 compensation.

We have become a police state.

But we'll pay out to terrorists in compensation.

They'll all be over. Buy a flat in Iraq, do 42 days detention inthe UK.
I'm going on Skype caste Islamic channel. bomb bomb, iraq bush.

Come on guys. I want my £42,000.

13 June 2008 at 10:42  

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