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21 May 2008
Will the UKIP do well in the Crewe By-Election?
The Crewe Blog is running a poll of the candidates for Thursday's Crewe & Nantwich by-election. Your friendly Exile thought long and hard before casting his vote for the lovely Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garret, who just happens to be standing. The buxom young sweetie has been the victim of some Nu-Labour dirty tricks, and would probably welcome a vote from you. So pop on over to the Crewe Blog and give her one. . .

Could the UKIP be the dark horse in this race? According to that same poll they are just ahead of the pack with 27% of the votes cast.

Actually, I would not be all that surprised if the UKIP did well. Contrary to what the Nu-Labourites want people to believe, the party is not of the far-right. Its policy of withdrawal from the EU is something that most leftists would agree with - as would many traditional Labour voters. As usual these days, the chancers who have taken control of the Labour Party want us to believe that they still represent, in some small way, a socialist position. They don't, but that doesn't stop them screaming that EU withdrawal is a rightist argument.



Lets hope Miss Great Britain wins - and changes the "face" of politics. LOL couldn't resist the pun.

The party is "Beauties for Britain", and Gordon Brown is a no glamour puss, more a sour puss.

GB is borrowing £43 billion, so that's a lot of lipstick he's buying.

Handbags, at the ready!

21 May 2008 at 10:22  

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