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29 May 2008
Traffic Warden made to look a right spaz

This video, which was shot less than a week ago, is too wonderful for words. A London traffic warden hides behind a tree until some bloke parks his motor bike and then darts out to slap a ticket on the machine. What the pillock doesn't know is that someone is videoing the action - and that someone then goes and talks to the said pillock, who responds by hiding his face behind his clipboard.

I just wish that dipsticks like this would realise that work is about earning money and getting into the pub come pay day to throw the beer down the neck and get the taste of that bastard work out of the gob. It is not about hiding behind fucking trees to please your boss.

This traffic warden is the same league as our police.

Total wankers.

How can you respect the dirty tactics used. Think this is bad, you wait till you see how evil our police force are.

One forum owner found a dodgy child porn link. She reported it to the British police.

They asked if she'd clicked the link, she said of course she had that's why she's reporting the child porn site.

British police arrested, and charged her for viewing child porn.

She tried to do the right thing, and is now on the Sexual Offenders list.



29 May 2008 at 20:12  

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