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14 May 2008
The smoking ban may tip the next election the Tory way
Just over two years ago I argued that a smoking ban might just be a good thing in the long run. It would act to remind ordinary working class of just how much the middle class vermin wanted to control them, and just how little their opinions counted for these days. Back in March of this year I predicted that Labour will lose the next General Election. The only thing that I want to add to that now is that the smoking ban looks set to be a rather bigger issue than I thought when I made the prediction.

Across the country more and more working class people are uniting around a growing banner of opposition to the smoking ban. The ban effects us every single day because we are the ones who still smoke. As I said in that March 2006 posting, the ban is galvanising people into action. I just didn't expect that it would happen so quickly, nor that the opposition would manage to organise itself so well.

Luton is not a place that you think of when it comes to working class militancy, but that town is one of the places where the two Labour MPs face defeat at the hands of working class activists who are outraged at the smoking ban.

The pubs themselves look set to become Tory campaigning offices, with their walls plastered with anti-Labour propaganda, in much the same way as they were a century ago when faced with the threat of the temperance backed Liberals.

This is an issue that is still under the political radar, but it is rapidly becoming a very big issue on the council estates that Labour needs to win if it is to remain in government. As I have said elsewhere, in a world in which the two main parties are in pretty total agreement on economic matters, then social issues are what divides them and how people vote on those social issues will decide the outcome of the next election.

Smoking looks set to become one of the very big issues. If David Cameron wants to win as much as he seems to, then he should offer repeal of the anti-smoking legislation as part of his Tory Party programme.

Hello, comrade - you might be interested to read my pamphlet on the anti-smoking crusade...


3 June 2008 at 16:56  

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