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15 May 2008
The Polish influx may help Labour to lose in Crewe
Labour has tried to diffuse the row over the 10p tax rate with benefits all round, obviously in the hope that this will be enough to bolster the party's showing in next week's Crewe by-election. However, there is one factor that all the benefits in the world won't alter, and that is the number of Polish workers who now live in Crewe and who compete with the locals for jobs.

At least 6,000 Poles now live in the town out of a total population of less than 50,000, and the unpublicised effects of this will probably be yet another factor that sticks the boot into Nu-Labour's hopes of holding the seat.

A few websites do discuss the issue, and there the reaction is mixed. However, as this Crewe blogger makes plain, most people sit around in the pubs and complain, rather than make their views clear on-line. That said, reading the comments that the posting elicited, it seems clear to me that Polish immigration is going to be a major negative factor for Nu-Labour next week.

It could have been so very different, couldn't it? When Britain had an influx of Commonwealth immigrants in the post-war years the Labour government headed by Harold Wilson pushed the first Race Relations Acts through parliament to prevent management scum from paying immigrant workers less than their British counterparts.

Today, Nu-Labour has pretty much left all the old anti working class legislation that the Tories passed in place. The result of this is that wage rates in places like Crewe are reduced across the board. That might not be a problem for a Polish worker who just wants to make a few bob before he heads off back home, but it will probably turn out to be yet another nail in the coffin of Nu-Labour, as the locals in Crewe refuse to turn out to vote for the party that has so signally failed to represent their interests.

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The British Home Office expected 15,000 Polish workers.

600,000 Polish workers applied.

That shows you how inept and plainly moron our Home Office is.

Misjudged the numbers applying by a magnitude of 40. Not 40% but 40 times the anticipated number.

**utterly speechless**

15 May 2008 at 22:48  

I don't think that they are inept, mate. I reckon that the 15,000 figure was tossed out just to avoid a scandal.

I think that they knew all along that the Eastern Europeans would flood in and I believe that they welcomed the idea.

Got to keep those wages down, haven't you? Got to keep the working man in his place, pleading for work at the rate offered.

15 May 2008 at 22:53  

Do you know, that that thought is even more scary, that considering them totally inept!

However, your take on the situation does make perfect sense.

16 May 2008 at 00:32  

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