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23 May 2008
Nu-Labour boobs in Crewe & Nantwich

Let's talk about tits. More specifically, let's talk about big tits: the type of big tits who make up Nu-Labour and who managed to lose Crewe & Nantwich pretty dramatically.

The Tories took the seat with a massive 17.6% swing. Turnout at 58.2% was only slightly down on the general election's 60%. The full results are:

Edward Timpson (Con) 20,539 (49.49%, +16.93%)
Tamsin Dunwoody (Lab) 12,679 (30.55%, -18.29%)
Elizabeth Shenton (Lib Dem) 6,040 (14.55%, -4.03%)
Mike Nattrass (UKIP) 922 (2.22%)
Robert Smith (Green) 359 (0.87%)
David Roberts (Eng Dem) 275 (0.66%)
The Flying Brick (Monster Raving Looney) 236 (0.57%)
Mark Walklate (Ind) 217 (0.52%)
Paul Thorogood (Cut Tax on Diesel and Petrol) 118 (0.28%)
Gemma Garrett (Ind) 113 (0.27%)

No doubt by the time people read this in Britain the excuses will be rolling thick and fast. Ignore them all, is my advice, because what we have here is more than just a by-election defeat.

This is the end of Nu-Labour. It started with the general election of 1997 when so many working class people saw through the little Fettes fuckboy and simply refused to vote. It continued at subsequent elections that saw Nu-Labour returned with middle class votes and the old Labour residuum. Now that residuum has gone and what is left is a gaping hole in the political spectrum that a new working class party will eventually fill.

The realignment is not yet over, but Crewe & Nantwich is yet another sign that it is under way.



The end of NU Labour !!!
I so, hope that you're right.
As the infamous passer-by said to me "there'll be riots on the streets, if Labour are elected."

Never a truer word spoken.

Just who do this Government think they are?

23 May 2008 at 13:40  

Yes, "end of NuLabor" is exactly what Cameron said as well. May well be that you're both right.

It's gotta be simplified now. Those over £50,000 a year on one side - those under it on the other. Until now both the Tories and NuLab have relied on the poor being persuaded to vote on behalf of the rich. There's no reason for any of us to do so. Forget about this aspirational crap - the only way the working class can make serious money is by winning the lottery, and lottery wins are tax free. The rest of us will do just fine on Denis Healey tax rates. That's where we must now pitch our tents. No point in appeasing the rich - yes, it kept NuLab in power for 11 years, but what good did that do? There are more of us than there are of them - end of story.

23 May 2008 at 21:50  

Yeah, it's not about making the world over again, it's about having a surplus of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs: with a healthy amount of control over the work process.

I could live quite happily under a Labourist system like that. It's what people used to vote for, and the fact that they don't vote at all now, suggests that this is what has gone wrong.

23 May 2008 at 22:16  

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