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20 May 2008
Nu-Labour is in political meltdown
The opinion polls, whether they are from the Guardian or the Independent, are showing that Nu-Labour is about as unpopular as it can get and meltdown seems to be on the horizon.

Peter Hain MP has argued that the only road to salvation lies in appealing to both the working class and what he calls the "aspirational voters". On one level he is quite correct, but Nu-Labour has now got to the stage where the circle can no longer be squared.

That is the key to understanding this looming disaster. In the past, Labour could win because it gave just enough economic goodies to the working class, coupled with just enough social ones to the middle class. From 1997 onwards it used the working class as a donkey vote and both its economic and social policies were aimed at the middle class.

Since 1997 more and more working class people have responded to this by disengaging from politics. Now even the most bovine Nu-Labour supporter realises that there are no longer enough donkeys left to win the formerly safe seats that the party took for granted. As for the middle class that the party wooed so assiduously, they are cheesed off by wars and economic failure.

It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

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A recent passer-by made a comment to me, that struck a chord.

"If Labour get elected, there'll be riots in the streets."

How come?
- Abolition of 10p tax rate (hits only the very very poor).
- 84% taxation on Petrol (approx $10 US dollars a gallon).
- Abolition of University grants, now students are up to £50,000 in debt for a Degree($100,000).

The UK has gone back two generations. The poor can't afford an education or a house.

It's cheaper to go to prison for 4 years, and hope the Prison Service, will fund your degree (which they will). At least you won't have a $100,000 debt at the age of 22.

Welcome to Britain, 2008!

20 May 2008 at 21:51  

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