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24 May 2008
Nu-Labour and its fantasies
As I predicted yesterday, the excuses for Nu-Labour's disastrous performance are coming in thick and fast, especially over at the wankblogs. A consensus seems to be building up that it is all Gordon Brown's fault, and if only we had the Tony Blair leading the party, all would be well.

Sorry lads, but the figures don't back that up. Let's take the constituency of Oldham West as a case in point. In 1997 Michael Meacher was returned and turnout was 66.1%. By 2001 turnout had fallen to 57.6%, and in 2005 it fell again to 53.3%.

Now that is pretty much true across the board. People will not turn out to vote for a party that tosses them a few table scraps, and then expects them to be happy with that.

Since 1979 people in places like Oldham West have been gagging for revenge. What they got was Nu-Labour.

Fine: if they want to delude themselves that the class war is over and that all that matters are the votes of the middle class arsewipes, then let those same arsewipes turn out to vote for them.

How dense are Labour pretending to be?

They've been rumbled - what about that don't they get?

Vote for them, my backside!

I'd rather vote for a police state.

24 May 2008 at 16:42  

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