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01 May 2008
Iraq five years on
Five years ago today the Chimp stood on an aircraft carrier with a message behind his back that proclaimed "Mission Accomplished". Five years ago the warwanking media, both old and new, pulled their puds in rapture at the thought of the victory - and in anticipation of the many more victories that were to come.

How times change. Five years after those events and the American army is bogged down in a losing war of attrition against a seemingly ever changing array of Iraqi enemies. After telling everyone that their surge was paying off, they must sit back and consider the fact that the Iraqis culled over 50 of their troops in April alone. So it goes on, and on, and on.

In Britain the economy is finally showing signs of cracking and soon those same creatures who wanked so dementedly over this doomed, criminal adventure will be left to ponder how they are going to pay their mortgages.

However, for the moment let's concentrate on Iraq and pay a quiet tribute to those Iraqi men, armed only with rifles and home made bombs, who have written a new chapter in the history of popular resistance.

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