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26 May 2008
How the Tories could win working class votes
A piece in the Observer should remind us of just how much the British middle class loath the old upper class. To a certain extent it is good sport to watch a feud that doesn't concern us, but on the other hand, it should remind people of the urgent need to push forward our own political demands. If we don't then the upper class Tory Party may very well offer a few policies of its own to try and grab our people.

Does that sound far fetched? It shouldn't because working class Toryism has a long history in Britain and it could quite easily return. The Conservatives used to have a body called the Tory Working Men's Association, which had a presence in almost every industrial city. What brought the working men in was the cheap beer, but they would often stick around and listen to the frightening speeches which told them that a vote for Liberalism was a vote for yet more bastard work with temperance thrown in to boot: "Better England drunk than England enslaved", as the Tory slogan went.

The old Liberal Party of a century ago reminds the reader irresistibly of Nu-Labour today. It was earnest and sober and it believed in uplifting people through temperance and education. Toryism was quite happy to accept working class people as they were - indeed, as they wanted to be - and work with them on that basis.

The really worrying thing today is that there are a lot of policies that the Tories could propound which would actually save the state money and which would be popular amongst the working class.

The first would be to allow people to smoke once more in public buildings. As things stand the state is shelling out a fortune in grants to councils to pay the wages of the inspectorate who have been hired to police this nonsense. A Tory pledge to repeal that legislation would almost certainly bring in thousands of mainly working class voters who want to go back to the pub for a beer and a smoke.

The second thing that they could do would be to repeal the legislation that has created a large, parasitic social work industry. As this blog has pointed out time and time again, living in a working class district is increasingly akin to living in a colonial territory. The residents are the natives, and the social work filth are a part of the colonial elite that governs those natives.

Those are just two examples of policies that the Tories could adopt and which would give them working class votes. They are also policies that this blog has argued for a working class party, so does that mean that we should just vote Tory if they steal these clothes?

No, because what we want to do is to cut the cake in a different way. By all means let us save money by cutting the social work industry to the bone, but then the funds should be used as part of a drive to re-industrialise Britain. The Tories will do it as part of a drive to cut expenditure and nothing more.

The need for a party that represents the working class is now pressing. Unless it is created, the Tories will take some policies that are popular with ordinary people and run with them. If that happens the chances of creating a working class party will be greatly diminished.

We will be fucked in other words.

We have a growing "underclass", who disrespect the state and government.

And who can blame them?

Their lives blighted by CAFCASS and Social Services, they've lived in care homes and learnt that authority is corrupt and abusive.

That there is no "justice" in Britain.

One of the biggest cartels that has to be broken by the Tories, will be the Secret courts, and the unaccountable Social Workers.

Like the dad, who's daughter was deliberately adopted 24 hours BEFORE his court hearing. The judge ordered the judgement be sent to every court and every judge and every adoption agency in addition to social services.
He called the social workers determined to get their way by ways more foul than fair.

When high court judges slam Social Workers, criticising councils for foul methods, that suspicions in the country are rife, you know that we're winning the war on dirty tactics.

But one case is not enough. We need to fill every MP's office to the ceiling with complaints. Bring cases before the Council of Europe in addition to the ECHR.

We need to embarrass Europe, via the actions of Social Workers.
Europe will diplomatically tell the UK to shaft Social Workers and sort it out. It's a discredit to Europe and that won't sit well. Lets give Social Workers nowhere to hide.

I have heard "rumours" that Theresa may detests CAFCASS - and considers them "part of the problem." If this is true, that means storm waters lie ahead for our secretive squirrels.

26 May 2008 at 01:05  

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