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22 May 2008
Don't vote in Crewe today, unless you vote for Gemma Garett

Having tried to paint the Tories as the party of the upper class for the benefit of the Crewe & Nantwich voters, it is now emerging that Tamsin Dunwoody, the Nu-Labour candidate is not only the grand-daughter of a baroness, but that she owns a stately pile of her own in Wales. Oh, and the top hatted fellow on the left of the above picture, just happens to be an ex-public schoolboy. People, even your friendly Exile couldn't make shit like this up.

So what's the line for today's fun and frivolity? You could vote for Gemma Garett, the large boobed, firm buttocked beauty pictured on the left. Gemma started out as a joke candidate, but Political Betting now sees her as the one who could take serious votes off Nu-Labour. Given the sympathy that should have come her way when Nu-Labour insulted her at the start of the campaign, to say nothing of her incredibly dignified response, that might very well be enough to give her a respectable vote.

If you are determined to vote for a serious party, rather than an individual, why not consider giving your vote to the UKIP? Remember that it was the Tories and the CBI who originally supported Britain's entry into the European Union. They obviously thought that it would be good for them, and so it has been. Equally obviously if something is good for them then it must be bad for us.

However, you could decide that it would be nice to be on the winning side today. The party that will win the election is the bollocks to 'em all party. That would be a great way to demonstrate your contempt, wouldn't it? Just sit at home.

Don't vote: it only encourages them.



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