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02 May 2008
Boris Johnson wins the London election
The next mayor of London will be Boris Johnson, according to Conservative Home. I wish that I cared, to be honest. Outside London the labour vote seems to have simply collapsed, at least according to this blog report. Admittedly the blogger is a Tory, but what he writes ties in with other reports that are coming in.

As far as London is concerned, Ken Livingstone is often seen as the voice of the left. Actually, what he is is the voice of the London Left, a far different animal than the left that I grew up with and have always supported.

The London Left in the 1980s was the voice of the liberal middle class that felt left out of politics. It was the voice of ambitious minorities and it deliberately went out of its way to alienate the traditional working class Labour supporters.

Today that ideology has spread throughout the Labour Party and turned it into the party of the middle class, local government employee. The Tories are still the party of private business, so we have had local elections that have been argued out between those middle class types who work for local government and those who don't. As for the working class - they have just been ignored.

So congratulations to Boris Johnson, if indeed he has won. I would have marginally preferred Ken Livingstone, but at the end of the day who cares?

One thing is for sure: British politics as presently organised doesn't care about us.



Congratulations to Boris.

He's a star! We love him.

He says the funniest things, often the wrong things, but we still adore him.
There isn't a person who doesn't like him. And he desperately cares about London. That's a good mix.

2 May 2008 at 01:51  

01.54. The BBC has just published its projected national vote share. Conservatives 44 per cent, Lib Dems 25 per cent, Labour 24 per cent.

This is calamitous - truly calamitous - for the Broon: his party's worst performance since it clambered out of third place and became a major national party in the 1920s.


Worth staying up till 3 am to SEE.

2 May 2008 at 02:46  

If, as I suspect, you are from Mothers for Justice, then hold your horses. It isn't Labour who are giving you grief it is the political class...

The Family Act is Tory legislation. All Labour has done is carry on Tory policies and all a new Tory government would do is carry on where Labour leaves off.

2 May 2008 at 03:40  

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