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28 May 2008
The BNP make good videos: the left needs to catch up
The Guardian is having a po-faced moan about the British National Party's use of the Daily Telegraph's blogging feature by Cllr Richard Barnbrook, who sits on the Greater London Authority.

Instead of moaning about the blog, the Guardian should be wondering why the right are so much better at using this new, cheap technology than the left. Let's face it, the BNP has its own television station. Well, sort of, what it has is a page on a website where its videos can be freely downloaded, but that is a damn site more than most leftist parties have.

The left still seems to think that all you need is an old printing press that can be used to knock out a paper. Then you get your activists to go and sell the damn thing on street corners. Yeah, just like they did in 1908 - as if nothing has changed in the meantime.

Folks, I have bad news for you: a lot has changed, especially over the past decade or two, and it is time that the left came up to date.

Let's just look at that BNP TV page as a case in point. Technically the videos are first rate. Somebody has obviously worked in television and can pass on the skills needed to the rest of the party's activists. Furthermore, they have got "three broadcast quality camera units" which they use to get their message across. What has the left got? Sweet fuck all in comparison.

The Exile has been banging on about the need for working class activists to start using video as part of their agitprop for quite some time. As usual no bugger has taken any notice, but the right have got in on the act in a big way.

Luckily for the left, in spite of the technical quality of the BNP videos, the content is pretty dreary. What makers of agitvideo need to understand is that anything over a couple of minutes will cause them to lose their audience. The BNP are churning out ten minute epics which may be of interest to their party members, but not to anyone else. As I argued here, what is needed are short, snappy 30 to 120 second videos that grab the attention of the MTV generation. Again, as I have said before, in this day and age less is more - so keep those vids short and snappy, folks.

Given that this is the agitprop future, is anybody even listening on the left?



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