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02 May 2008
Blog Exclusive: Essex Social Work Scum Forced To Retreat
Following on from the case of Sam Johnson that we reported on recently, matters do seem to be running Sam's way at last. Reports reaching The Exile tell us that yesterday the social work scum turned up at the home of Gary Johnson, who is Sam's father, and tried to dupe him into believing that an application for an order returning Sam to their loathsome clutches was actually the court order itself. Gary didn't fall for that and so the social work filth then fell back on Plan B.

They trooped over to Sam's school and requested to speak to him. Sam for his part seems to be as cute as a cartload of monkeys and he told them, basically, to go and pull their foreskins over their heads prior to wanking themselves to death. All this was done in front of Sam's friends and the social work shit had to withdraw with the braying sound of a whole school's mockery ringing in their ears.

Sam - I told you this bugger was cute - then got in touch with his solicitor who demanded a fully authorised recovery order by 5.00pm BST yesterday. That is 11.00am Mexico City & U.S. Central, and no order seems to have been issued.

Anyone else would probably rest on their laurels at that point, but young Sam is off to court today, Friday, to demand that the whole matter of the recovery order be declared null and void. He also wants the matter referred to the High Court where it will be dealt with in public. If that happens then British newspapers can report the whole story, without deleting the names of Sam Johnson, and his father Gary, who live in Essex.

The best guess at this point is that the social work filth will let Sam get his way and return home. The quid pro quo will be that the care order remains in place, thus the press will not be allowed to make hay with the story of how a sack of social work shit tried, and failed, to force a young fellow to bow the knee and make obeisance to them.

However, that order will not apply to Mexican blogs, will it?



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