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21 April 2008
Why You Tube is so wonderful

This is a guest posting by UKSecretCourts:

Can you imagine what it's like to get comments from those vehemently opposed to your ideals? If not, may I suggest an afternoon on You Tube to regain your faith in dialogue and debate? One memorable comment, was that I was a "crack whore", which has the advantage of being a short, snappy retort, that requires no elaboration. Such simplicity is always to be admired.

On the other hand there are social workers who write to tell me why they left the horrors of Social Services. And social workers who write to tell me that I insult their gender, and am facile and advise me to "try doing a social workers job and then come back with your allegations of corruption".

Then there's the wonderful Nigella, otherwise known as Nigel the Paedophile. He considers Doctor Richard Gardner to be a visionary, when Doctor Gardner's quotes include "Rape is the price to be paid for receiving the sperm". Well quite, but I can't see many rape victims agreeing with that. Nigel was convicted for downloading 11,000 indecent images, and runs a website promoting paedophile in some vague non descriptive language. (If you want to know more about the late Richard Gardner, by the way, just watch my video.)

But I ask you, how often have you debated under aged sex with a paedophile? Or Finland's answer, which is castration, or nip and tuck as I like to call it? You see, for all its trials, You Tube is simply wonderful for meeting such characters who enrich your life. I'm not saying I'll ever agree with SFrench, Social Worker From Hell, or Nigella, but we shout barbed insults over the Berlin Wall, and engage with each others' viewpoints. That makes You Tube priceless.



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