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22 April 2008
What will happen if the Sadr militia is destroyed?
The Americans have threatened to hit back at Moqtada al-Sadr's 60,000 strong militia, if he unleashes it against the occupation forces in Baghdad.

It is to be expected that the webmongs will shortly start cheering that on, but sensible people are encouraged to pause for a moment and think through the consequences.

If Sadr's militia is destroyed as a single fighting force, with the man himself either dead or captured, then that does not end the war. All it will mean is that the militia will bombshell into small groups, rather like the Sunni guerrillas who made life so entertaining for us as they culled Americans on a daily basis.

When that happens any hope of recreating Iraq as a functioning state will have gone, but more entertainingly, it will mean that the Americans will not be able to leave the country even if they wanted to. The small Shia groups will clash with each other, but they will also come together to kill Americans. The war will just go on and the American economy will just continue to sag under the strain.

Go ahead, America. Kill Moqtada al-Sadr.



Tricky Dicky, [Cheney] said that going into Iraqi was a "Quaqmire".

So you've created a civil war. Big deal.

The Americans will leave Iraq, albeit, with the tail between their legs.
A bankrupted economy, millions of US and Iraqi citizens homeless, a 1930's depression and financial collapse.

Before they invade Iran. :-)

22 April 2008 at 17:25  

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