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17 April 2008
What will the class war be like in the future?
The future of the class war and of working class organisation may be very different in the future than it was in the past. If you are looking for a Lenin who will lead a vanguard of the working class or a new Labour Party to represent them then I think that you will be disappointed.

The future is here now. Small groups of alienated young men are starting to take matters into their own hands. In parts of the north they go out at night and pile tyres around the closed circuit television cameras and then set them alight. It is called necklacing. Most of this activity never gets reported, but sometimes the news seeps out. This attack on two business parks in High Wycombe is one such exception. How much did the bolt cutters that were used cost? Probably just a few pounds, but the damage done ran into thousands.

This is what it is going to be like: small groups that have only a tenuous link to any other, based around a geographical area where everyone knows everyone else. Some will be violent and others will operate through the political process.

They will be almost impossible to subvert because their small size and homogeneous nature will act to prevent that. If one group is subverted, another will rise to take its place because the issues that led to the first group's creation will not have been addressed.

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A passerby said to me, if New Labour are re elected there'll be RIOTS on the streets.

Oddly, I believe him.

Roll on 1st May! We're all tightly gripping election ballots in glee. Christmas has come early!!

I think a nasty electric chair is awaiting Herr Brown.

18 April 2008 at 02:34  

I think that a strategy of don't vote, it only encourages them is the best one to adopt.

Voting legitimises a system - it's in our interests to make the existing system as illegitimate as possible.

19 April 2008 at 01:01  

But Revenge is sweet..... :-)

21 April 2008 at 00:18  

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