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08 April 2008
Top judge attacks family court system
This is a guest posting by the video maker UKSecretCourts:

The Exile's dedicated readers have been subjected to a whole raft of social work issues in the UK in recent postings. The Exile calls my videos agitprop, for which I'm eternally grateful and proud.

Maybe I could apply for Russian citizenship? Stand back for the stampede: half of the UK would happily swap Britain for Siberia, after contamination by our Social Services.

Oh, drama I hear you cry! Well, perhaps, it's more eloquently put by some of our Top Judges, and here's what one said last week.

Speaking of the family courts, Mr Justice Coleridge called them a "never ending carnival of human misery - a ceaseless river of human distress".

Thank you, Mr Justice Coleridge. There, the top judges are now joining the new applicants of the Soviet Union in decrying our governments record. Perhaps Mr Justice Coleridge is applying for Siberia too? Makes a happy change I should imagine.

So, now that I'm backed by the highest Judges speaking out against the Government, surely we'd see some sharp, instant response?

No, we get denial. A spokeswoman for the Department of Children, Families and Schools said: "We do not agree that there has been a breakdown in the family - 70% of families are headed by a married couple... And a recent BBC poll suggests that three-quarters of people in Britain are optimistic about the future of their families, 24% higher than when the same question was asked in 1964."

So there we have it. I hate to mention it, but they're quoting BBC polls, in an attempt to decry the top Judges of the country.

Since when has a TV station been the fountain of Government policy or law?

Meanwhile, children continue to be caught in the ceaseless river of human misery as it reaches it's logical conclusion, which is no place for a child.



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