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23 April 2008
Sticking the boot into Gimlet Kamm
The nice thing about university is that you get to make friends who you can call on years later. This isn't the case for types like Gimlet, of course, but for most normal people it is. It certainly is for Pru1066, as she calls herself, as her light blue background has turned up trumps for all those of us who find Gimlet Kamm an endless source of amusement.

Gimlet's crew have been trying to derail another of Neil Clark's posts over at the Guardian. It's the usual story of a seemingly endless number of screen names, most of which funnel down to just one or two prize members of the mongish crew.

Up pops young Pru to help, only to get her thoughtful contribution deleted, courtesy of a complaint by a mongish crew member.

Alas for poor Gimlet, the delightful Pru had friends to call upon in her hour of need who work at the Guardian. This is part of the reply that she received from one of them:
. . .What can we do, dear? We have to at least pretend to be even handed, even when the contributor has totally lost it. . . We didn't say anything about the Iranian silliness, even though X wanted to drop Oliver K. a line about it. Give these people enough rope, that's what I said, and I'm pleased to tell you that both Y and Z agreed with me.
I will guess and say that the "Iranian silliness" refers to Gimlet's most bovine Guardian posting, when he claimed that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Unfortunately that came on the very day that the Americans decided that they weren't.

The e-mail goes on the state that the writer will try to prevent the deletion of Pru's latest offering, which went up at 3.30pm yesterday. At the time of writing it is still there, so that promise has been kept. It is also nice to see that my 12.30pm comment is also still around, since it gives a link to my Gimlet files here at The Exile. They may both be deleted, but they have certainly been around long enough to serve their purpose.

There is only one thing better than sticking the boot into the representative of a class that I despise - and that is when people of his own sort disown him by joining in the kicking as well.

Gimlet, you short-arsed little fucker, life just doesn't get much sweeter than this.



Also as per my emails, Ken, X (whom I mentioned) is still at XHQ (offer still open re races wk/end if you do come over. You've missed Gold Cup ) should you ever need any advise tracing webmongs don't hesitate. It's truly amazing, Gilmet, who couldn't get laid if he fell over in Dreamz bed super-store, turns out to be one of the most derided wankers in Briton, today. Gimlet's "exclusive" about Iranian WMD's, that was rather lovely wasn't it. He really is a total fuck up.

23 April 2008 at 11:02  


If I had posted this a couple of month ago Gimlet and his two or three mates would have been round here with their hats back to front.

As things stand, not only are they nowhere to be seen, but the comments that you and I left at the Guardian are still up, thanks to you.

Life is good, Pru. Life is really good.

24 April 2008 at 08:53  

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