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01 May 2008
Sam Johnson: alone against the state's bootboys
The news is breaking that Essex social work filth, along with the local plods, are attempting to force 16 year old Sam Johnson to leave his father's house and return to their clutches.

As The Exile understands it, Sam quarrelled with his mother and has refused to speak to her for some time. This was enough to allow the local social work filth to apply for a care order that allowed them to seize Sam and his 13 year old brother.

Sam comes over as a brave young soul and he then went off and briefed a solicitor, prior to returning to his father's house.

None of this is allowed, of course, as if Sam gets away with his open defiance of the social work filth then it could set a bad example to others.

Information just received suggests that the police raid on the father's house is taking place at this moment.

What will probably happen is that Sam will be forcibly removed to wherever the social work filth have decided to hold him. The police will then leave and shortly afterwards so will Sam Johnson. The social work filth will then get the cops to return him and the sick game will continue until the police decide that they have better things to do with their time and Sam will be left alone.

What Sam needs is publicity - the one thing that the social work filth find the most frightening of all. Remember that we are dealing here with over-ambitious, thick as pigshit, lower-middle-class scum. Let's treat 'em with the contempt that they deserve.

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This is a disgrace and those people make me sick. How come hardly anyone cares? Why is nothing ever done?

1 May 2008 at 07:59  

John Hemming MP was helping the teenager.

The SS are known for their "awkward timing" policy.
So is it a fluke that this state "kidnapping" will take place during an election? When MP's are busy?

Sam instructed a solicitor, so this is the SS response. Force him into a care home to silence him.

Thanks for covering this story. We need everyone who can, to help this teenager, to keep him free and out of a care home.

He's not neglected, he just prefers to live with his dad.
That's enough to imprison him in a care home.

1 May 2008 at 10:48  

The problem here is that information seems to have dried up. If Hemming was helping Sam, why can't I get any information about that?

Yeah, I will publicise these cases, but you lot have to help me with more info.

1 May 2008 at 10:58  

John Hemming, in the House of Commons on Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

Hope this helps.

2 May 2008 at 03:09  

It doesn't because copying a link like that seldom works as it gets truncated. Drop me a line and I will teach you basic HTML.

2 May 2008 at 03:32  

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