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07 April 2008
Olympic woes on the streets of London

Did you enjoy the ructions yesterday as the Nu-Labourites tried to demonstrate how in control of London's streets they were? I was particularly taken with the coppers in their spaz hats, running alongside the Olympic Torch - that's when it wasn't being doused with a fire extinguisher and folk weren't trying to grab it.

What do you think that John Chinaman back in Peking will say about this public relations disaster? Will they accept the no doubt heartfelt kow-towing that will come from London?

Hopefully not.

Loth though I am to say it, this time the French outdid us for once. Not particularly proud of that, but glad it isn't me who has to do the kow-towing, as it would have been ten years ago.

The Chinese just don't understand that they can't have it both ways. If they decide they couldn't give a fuck what we think, then fair enough, but stop complaining when we tell them where to go.

They're actually nice people, but barmy and babyish when it comes to nationalism, rather like the Serbs. I shall be back there in ten days.

7 April 2008 at 22:55  

I think that the problem is that your chink really does believe that he is top dog.

Lord Elgin realised this which is why he ordered the Summer Palace burned down. Even the most bovine Chinaman couldn't deny that the barbarians had entered Peking and turned the complex into so much firewood.

Funnily enough, I bumped into Saul at Nick's wedding, not having seen him in 25+ years. Saul teaches English to these characters and moaned about their arrogance. I commented favourably on Elgin's activities, and he replied: "How many of them even know about it?"

Well, face has been seriously lost right now, so they bloody well know about this!

8 April 2008 at 05:21  

You'd be surprised. If we piss them off enough, they might just reveal the recent humiliations at our hands to the populace in order to stir them up. If today's media control operations had existed in 1860, the Elgin business would have been reported as a complete defeat for the hated barbarians, with Elgin's embassy being represented as a gracious concession to a beaten foe. The sudden cessation of the existence of the Summer Palace would have been explained as an unfortunate fag-dropping accident to the couple of thousand people who lived near enough to see the evidence, and roundly denied to the rest of the population. You'd be amazed at the extent of what these guys - even the ones with doctorates in astrophysics - simply don't know. Which was Saul's point. I'll ask my friends next week, confidently expecting to hear that the torch relay was a roaring success and the world is well impressed with the whole shebang.

9 April 2008 at 20:06  

Yes, and that is actually what happened in Elgin's day. The propaganda machine went into overdrive and the population believed what it wanted to believe: which was the official line.

However, in these days of the internet and immediate communication flows, that shouldn't be possible. BA is expecting trouble tomorrow and the latest rumour is that the Australian leg will be cancelled.

Let's see 'em spin that away!

12 April 2008 at 03:49  

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