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30 April 2008
How to force Serbia into line: a wanker writes
One of the themes that comes up time and again in the world of wank is this notion that everyone will dance to a particular tune, assuming that the carrot is correctly balanced with the stick. Gimlet Kamm is one of my favourites at this game and his "if America threatens China with a nuclear armed Japan, then China will pressure North Korea on America's behalf" was a classic of its kind.

This being so, its nice to see that Mark O'Atilla Hoare is running with the same type of theme. It's understandable when you consider that he is one of Gimlet's mates, but it still provides a good laugh.

O'Atilla argues that all the capitalist powers need to do to force Serbia into line is "by dismantling Bosnia’s Serb Republic". Once that has been done, Serbia will know who rules around here and will shrug her shoulders and presumably apply for membership of the European Union.

A cynic might argue that this bloke is basically a cheerleader for Croatia - which he is, actually - but let's take his words as read and not be too cynical when we read them. The problem is always the same: what happens if the other team don't play as you expect?

This is something that wankers like this cannot understand. The notion that a sizeable chunk of this planet is not post-modern and metrosexualist is something that lies beyond their powers of comprehension. Until reality comes along and bites a chunk out of them. Which is what is happening in Iraq, right at this moment.

The Serbs are now in a much stronger position than they were a decade ago. Backed by Russia she is able to play cat and mouse games with the west over Kosovo, and force the imperialist powers to keep troops tied in that province. Sooner or later Serbia realises that the pressure will grow to withdraw those forces - especially if trouble breaks out in the Middle-East.

Now threatening Serbia via the Bosnian Serb Republic is likely to be as counter-productive as all the other threats that Serbia has shrugged off. It is possible that they may come to heel as Mark O'Atilla wants, but their are lots of other possible outcomes as well.

That, finally, is the difference between the world of wank and the normal planet that the rest of us inhabit. We can think about all sorts of logical outcomes, but the world of wank really, truly, deeply believes that there is only one.

That is why they are wankers.

Good short, sharp article, Ken. (Gimlet has turned up on the Ann Clwyd cif thread if anyones interested). Hopefully the Serbs wont buckle and Russians keep the pressure up.


30 April 2008 at 20:44  

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