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11 April 2008
Five years since Baghdad fell: imperialism is still no closer to victory
It seems like yesterday, but it is actually five long years since the American army rolled into Baghdad. Do you remember the crowing? Not to worry if you don't because this piece exists to remind you of what was being said in the USA. However, let's ignore the Americans - the Iraqis are still settling their hash with a further twenty of the colonialist fuckers having been spread over several grid references up to now this month alone.

What about those who wanked for war at home: what were they saying five years ago? The Harry's Place gloating about the toppling of Saddam's statue was fairly typical of the triumphalist glee just five years ago.

It is important that we remember all this, partly so that we can gloat at our enemies' misfortunes, but mainly because these are the creatures who like to propound the notion that globalisation is the irresistible wave of the future.

As far as Iraq is concerned they were just plain wrong. As house prices in the UK prepare to tank, and as the creatures who have done so well out of the last generation's cheap credit prepare to take an economic bath, it still remains to be seen if they are wrong about the UK as well.

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