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16 April 2008
Fare thee well, Euston Manifesto
The Euston Manifesto appears to have died a death. It's second anniversary passed unnoticed on the 13th of this month. The website sits, like a spare prick at a wedding, unwanted and ignored. The blog hasn't been updated since the 24th February and even if you wanted to go and sign-up to the Eustonite's lofty set of principles, you can't. As I reported here, the silly sods couldn't figure out how to stop the porn merchants who were trawling for punters from signing up. Why they bothered I can't imagine since both Eustonites and porno punters are wankers, but never mind...

The Guardian has a long piece on why this load of old wank failed, but from my point of view the answer is simple. The British working class are not in the slightest bit interested in Israel, Darfur, Zimbabwe nor Uncle Tom Cobbly and all. They are interested in jobs, decent housing and cheap services. I might add that the lower middle class gang of social workers, council officers and coppers who conspire to make people's lives a misery, are also pretty high on the working class shit list.

The Euston manifesto failed because it offered nothing that is of any interest to the working people of Britain.

Cheers: David Lindsay



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