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17 April 2008
British sailors seized by Iran were not in Iraqi waters
Do you remember the British sailors who were taken prisoner by Iran in march of last year? They were well treated and released soon after. The wankblogs had a field day as they screamed about aggression and the like. Some tried to do sarcasm, but it is impossible to pull that off when you are as much of a mong as this tosspot. Anyway, you get the basic idea: they wanked furiously in the hope that war would come as well as them.

It has now emerged that the British sailors were not in Iraqi waters as Parliament and the British people were told, but in waters that are disputed between Iraq and Iran. So the Iranians were telling the truth and the British weren't. The government lied in other words.

Will heads roll? Probably not because we are so used to the lies that this government tells on an almost daily basis that one more added to the collection doesn't seem all that important.



Experts guess the chances of war with Iran to be 80%.

America has to sell herself on the street to raise the cash to pay for war.

She's broke. Heavily in debt.
The dollar is becoming more worthless by the day.

Europe is now the worlds number 1 superpower [March 2008].
This is due to the crash of the financial sector.

What more does Bush need to see that war with Iran is not gaining anything.

Oh wait. Except massive contracts for Haliburton and Cheney. Jobs for the Boys.

Oh, well. Let the Sino Russian Army smash America. Then it really will cost Trillions to repair.

If the Americans can't be bothered to vote out Bush, then why should Europeans bother. We do bother, but are shouted down as Anti American if we criticise Bush. I shout down Blair, but that doesn't make me Anti British. This is Neocon thinking - and its veiled Fascism. America - you might want to work on that!

18 April 2008 at 02:29  

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